Starting day one of your quit

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The first day is the trickiest psychologically for a lot of people, they often don't believe they can live a day without smoking. Everything they seem to do is new and awkward, on top of possible withdrawal effects. But whether you believe you can do it or not is not important. You will believe it more and more as you prove it to yourself more and more. That will happen by just getting through each new event successfully without taking a drag. Keep focused on that now, you are not fighting a million cigarettes, carton, a case, a pack or even a single cigarette-you are fighting a puff! Win the fight and you will succeed. Lose sight of this concept and you will be forced to either go through quitting again or smoking again. These are both lousy options.

Good luck through day one. You have lots of reading to do that will help keep you focused. You are on the first leg of a journey that will save save your health and likely extend your length and quality of life. The only real direction you need to know to stay on the smoke free path is to remember to never take another puff!