Smoking IS an Option

Smoking IS an Option

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I just noticed someone saying that smoking wasn't an option, and it reminded me of this thread.... Options
Unfortunately, Joel's gif at the top of the thread (the original post) seems to have been killed by the MSN upgrade (and I can't find another version of the post). I've pulled Joel's comments from throughout the thread, and pasted them here. Perhaps Joel can find the gif, and repost it.

Regarding the option to smoke, from Joel...


Ex-smokers do always have the option to take a cigarette. But there are only two legitimate reasons for taking a cigarette or a puff now.

1) You want to go back to full-fledged smoking until it cripples and kills you.
2) You enjoy withdrawal so much you never want it to end. If this is the case just take one puff every third day, withdrawal will last forever.


Smoking is an option! It is an option that people "live" to regret. They just don't live as long and they don't live as healthy as if they pursued their other option--not smoking. To pursue health and life always remember to never take another puff!


An easy way to remember that you don't want to smoke while Freedom is down. Your options with cigarettes are an all or nothing proposition. Always consider smoking in all its glory--the smells, the expenses, the social implications, the constant need of feeding yourself nicotine to alleviate the chronic withdrawals encountered from nicotine depletion experienced 10 to 80 times a day, the burns, the stigmas, the stares, the health effects and the risk to your very life and you will always revel in the fact that you have opted to never take another puff!

It was just mentioned that smoking is not an option. Smoking actually is an option, just not an option that anyone would want if they considered the full ramifications that go with it. It is an option that will cost you your health and eventually your life. To pursue the other option of staying smoke free always remember to never take another puff!

For anyone working under the false perception that smoking is not an option. Smoking is an option, just not an option that anyone would want if they considered the full ramifications of all the problems that go with smoking. It is an option that will make you slave to a drug, smell awful, be a social outcast in many circles, cause many people to question your overall intelligence, will rob you of your money, your health and eventually your life. To pursue the other option of staying smoke free is as simple as always remembering to never take another puff!

Videos that discusses the implication of the statement "smoking is not an option"

Quitting smoking is an option
[font=ARIAL, GEORGIA, 'TIMES NEW ROMAN', TIMES, SERIF] [/font]"I don't have a choice, I have to quit smoking"
What is your quit smoking mantra?
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Bob, I was over at WhyQuit working on a new page when I glanced over and saw the title to your post. I'd just finished up adding Fred's story and it struck a chord. This is Abby's account.
Fred Goldman, 43, Deceased
We could never convince my big brother, Fred, to quit smoking. We badgered him constantly, complained it was killing him and making us sick. We never imagined it would, in fact, kill him at the age of 43, at the end of the most wrenching, sorrowful year of our lives. He moved back in with Mom for that last year, who fought his battles with the insurance companies and the pharmacies who could never seem to prescribe enough medication to kill his horrible pain.
Fred never accepted this was the end, and could never stop smoking, to the end. A testimony to the chemical power of nicotine. Now I am in my forties, and older than my big brother when he died, in 1995. I want to rip cigarettes out of the mouths of every teen I see. I wish they could see my brother, wasted away in him prime, and learn. I wish they could see my mom, and envision how painful it must be to watch a son die slowly of a disease that could have been prevented. Abby Brody - Sister
As you can see, smoking is an option even while battling cancer, and yes, even until that very last breath. But I have to admit, my quit was born in a forum where "Smoking Isn't an Option" was bantered about as if it were really true! It had become my mantra too and Joanne's as well, until meeting Joel, and really giving some serious thought to the issue.
As I recall, at first I took a bit of offense to Joel's comments and concluded that Joel just didn't understand the underlying intent - it was just something that I would no longer ever consider doing, it just wasn't on my plate. Wasn't on the plate? I could almost hear Joel's keyboard smiling as he typed back something like, "oh really?" Today I know with every fiber of my being that although my comfort is deep, relapse is my only other option and I'll always remain just one puff away from three packs-a-day! I guess it's more a matter of being intellectually honest with ourselves! Thanks for the memories Bob! John : )

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Image I Opt not to Image Thanks for bringing this up OBob, it's a good one Image Lurkers, Newbies and Everybodies this is a very important message Image Cathy~Gold Club

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You know, life is ripe with possibilities.

Indeed, it is this very fact that helped me quit smoking in the first place! Tantalizing possibilities loomed out of reach while I kept smoking. As long as I smoked, the possibility of being able to breathe well enough to hike, run, bike, swim for more than short distances was pretty well out of the question. The possibility of not smelling like smoke when I cuddled my children and told them not to ever smoke was out of the question. The possibility of knowing that smoking is a killer and acting like I knew it was out of the question.

Until I quit smoking, that is.

And I could smoke again today or tomorrow or next week or next year. That's a distinct possibility. BUT it's a possibility I'm doing my level best to learn how to not pursue in any situation. So far, so good!

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I think the message that smoking IS an option is rooted in the same foundations upon which Freedom was founded: Honesty... look it in the eye... don't run, don't hide; confront.... understand your enemy... meet, greet, defeat...

There is a temptation (a big and understandable one) to subscribe to the "not an option" mantra. The hidden flaw in it is that it promotes (albeit subtlely) avoidance -- it's not an option, so don't pay attention to it.

To truly confront our addiction, and in doing so, defeat it, we must view all options with eyes wide open. Instead of hiding from the option to smoke, we look directly at that option in all it's menacing fury. We don't turn our back on it, because our back is the side that's most vulnerable to attack. Instead, we shine the light of truth upon it, exposing it for what it is.

Yes, it's an option... a DEVASTATING one. It's an option I won't take.


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I think we're getting a tad tangled in semantics here... but, what the heck, I'll join the fray...

Yes, smoking is always an option.... (ie.. it's not forced upon one, it's a choice between the smoking and non-smoking options that ones chooses to take).

However, would it not be fair to say: "Smoking is NOT an option for a quitter"

Given the two options: "Never take another puff" or "Just one won't hurt" - I'd say "Smoking is not an Option" for Freedomites

semantics again, but I think you get the message Image

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Perfect Melissa. Acknowledge the negative; dwell on the positive. In shining the light of truth on the option to smoke, we not only expose the villain, but we illuminate the other option: NOT SMOKING. There are so many positives to this option. It's not always Disneyland, but by contrast with the smoking option, it's a wonderful place to be.

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As usual....just lurking around looking for my next "food for thought"....good one here!!! Gif or no gif, the message is a good one....thanks for bringing it up again so the newbies in the house could see it. Nicotine got no grip on me....
Proud to be nicotine free!!!

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Just found this gem from Joel to one of our members in the archives. I thought it was an excellent expansion on the theme.

Stop obsessing on the idea that "you can't smoke." It is not true, you can smoke. You can smoke anytime you want. You can smoke 20 or 40 or 60 or if you really want to make yourself sick to your stomach quickly, maybe even overdosing yourself into cardiac arrest, you could force well over a hundred cigarettes down today just to prove you can smoke. The issue is not that you can't smoke, it is that you can't smoke one without relapsing. Relapsing means you either have to go back to full-fledged smoking again or go through quitting again. Those are both lousy "options." But yes, using your mind set, they are still options. But you have a new option now, a better option or choice to consider. That is if you don't take a puff, not because you can't but because you choose not to, you never have to go through smoking or quitting again.

So don't let anyone tell you what you can or can't do. But ask yourself daily what it is that you want to do. Do you want to take a puff and once again be controlled by a substance. A substance that "makes" you smoke, and "makes" you sick and if left to its own devices will "make" you die, or do you keep control over your own destiny. To keep that control, never take another puff!'


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I had just made the statement that smoking is not an option, which I think prompted the resurrection of this post.

And this is some great stuff. Excellent to read as it is nice to be reminded of these things - our choices. Thank you OBob.

I guess maybe I used a catch phrase that I should not have. But all I mean to say is that I have made the choice that I am no longer giving myself the option to smoke. I am imposing a rule upon myself - never take another puff, and I am going to follow it damnit! I know I have the option - they are in the stores, they are easy to get, they are all around. The point is that I have chosen that it is no longer an option for ME. Period.

The "option" of which we speak is tragic! It is disgusting, self-destructive, fatal, pretty moronic in my opinion! No one is imposing this rule on me - no one is telling me this is not an option. I am telling this all to myself. And you know what? I don't want it to be an option for me. I will never take another puff - that is my self imposed option. And I plan on sticking to it!!! So what's the harm in that?

Just my thoughts at the moment. I get a little pumped up sometimes... tee hee. Thanks for all the resources - as I said, they are great and I will read read read!

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