Smoking and Stomach Cancer

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Smoking and Stomach Cancer
Based on solid evidence, smoking is associated with an increased risk of stomach cancer.[1-3] Based on the 2004 Surgeon General’s report, cigarette smoking is a cause of stomach cancer, with an average relative risk (RR) in former smokers of 1.2 and in current smokers of 1.6.[4] Compared to persistent smokers, the risk of stomach cancer decreases among former smokers with time since cessation. This pattern of observations makes it reasonable to infer that cigarette smoking prevention or cessation would result in a decreased risk of gastric cancer.
  • Study Design: Evidence obtained from case-control and cohort studies.
  • Internal Validity: Good.
  • Consistency: Good.
  • Magnitude of Effects on Health Outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis showed a 60% increase in gastric cancer in male smokers and a 20% increase in gastric cancer in female smokers compared to nonsmokers.[1]
  • External Validity: Good.
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An upper GI series in a patient with cancer of the stomach (gastric carcinoma).