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This article is laying out the issues surrounding sleep adjustments for just quitting smoking. Other issues can complicate or prolong the adjustment period. Coming off other drugs and the use of yet other new introduced medications can also cause similar effects, basically extending the adjustment period and problems associated with sleep disruption. Talk to your physician as to the best route to go now to minimize the effects you may be having while at the same time being careful not to take on any new potential long term problems without fully understanding the possible implications.

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As for sleeping - I sure did sleep some more during the first days of my quit - but after the first week passed, I woke up one day with a clear head and could concentrate and start my day as soon as I opened my eyes.

That was (after 20 years of smoking) a new and fantastic feelings for me. When a smoker, I needed some time, perheps half an hour or more to start functioning (plus other stimulants like coffee). Waking up with a clear head is currently on the top of my "benefits from quitting smoking list".

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I see where a few members are bringing up the issue of sleep disruption today. Anyone experiencing such problems the first week or two after quitting probably are just having adjustment issues from quitting smoking. But a health care professional should evaluate disruptions that are lasting longer, especially past a month. Many problems can cause such sleep disruptions, medical, psychological, medication reactions, etc. It is just impossible to determine underlying causes online. Blaming symptoms on quitting smoking for a few days is probably warranted in most cases, but at longer periods of time other causes need to be considered and investigated.


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Hi Vanda!
Just a quick one as I'm on the way out.....just had to say that I spent the first month of my quit asleep and also wondered if it would never end - I used to have a nap during the day (every day!) and still felt tired at night! All I can say is that it eventually does go and things return to normal.....although having said that, I find one benefit is that I sleep like a baby now at night!

If you're really concerned - take a trip to your doctor and have a chat about it.

Hang in there - you've got a great quit going.

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Thanks Ingrid that's all I needed to hear :)

I guess I just have an excuse to be lazy for a bit longer lol.

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2 months on and havent´t found a decent sleep pattern. I Will try the sleep less options.


I also have had a kid, just 3 weeks ago, and there is stress on business.

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If trouble sleeping be sure and consider the fact that
nicotine is somehow able to accelerate the rate at which
the body metabolizes caffeine by 203%. Look at it this
way, it's cheaper being an ex-smoker because you don't
need as much caffeine to get the same kick.
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Hello all!!
My name is Elise - a quitter of 120 hours. Its really amazing how much better I feel already. Physically (you know, the clearer lungs, the lack of wheeze etc etc.)
I've quit before (as we all have) but this time IS different because I'm educating myself.

I have noticed the last 2 nights have been miserable sleep wise - just not able to fall into a deep sleep. This has never happened before when quitting - it certainly isn't a reason to start smoking (EEEEEEEEWWWWW) again but I'm wondering how long I can expect this to go on. (i'm in my 5th day of quit)

Is it different for everyone?

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Hi Diva!

I'm on my 7th day and it started for me a couple of days ago with me virtually getting no sleep at all last night (after having a nightmare of smoking a cigarette, i panicked). Anyway, last night I took the advice of one of the posters here who suggested you do everything your body is telling you to do, to include going to bed when your body is telling you to.

And so I did. Normally I am a night owl. Last night I went to bed at 10:00 pm and woke up refreshed. But I still woke up every couple of hours, never able to REALLY fall into a good nights rest. I think that will come though.

but I will definitly pay better attention to my bodys wants the next few weeks. It deserves it after all the pain and strain I've put it through. Image

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I'm on day 13...I have no trouble getting to sleep but I notice that I consistantly wake up 4 or 5 hours into my sleep. After getting up, I can't get back to sleep. I do feel FAR less tired throughout the day than if I were still smoking and slept for 6 hours though!!! My dreams are also far more vivid and memorable.

I work an office job and have put exercise aside while focusing on my quit (going back to exercising tomorrow) so I wonder if all I've been needing was the four or five hours? Seems crazy! I'm sure a good jog and some weight lifting will make me more tired at night. Incidentally I quit abruptly in the middle of a day when I read about the effects that smoking had on my exercising.

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