by Gary
30 Apr 2010, 17:26
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Topic: Tell a newbie how how many seconds a day you still want a cigarette
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How Many/

I've quit since January 31 of this year.  I still want them, most every day.   I especially want the magic "ahhhh" cigarette...but, like Joel says, it comes with a pack, then another, then ful-fledged addiction again.  I want one---I don't crave that one now!  Never another puff!
by Gary
04 Feb 2010, 22:05
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Topic: False Associations
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Just off it for less than four days

<t>Thanks for what you wrote.  You gave me hope that someday I won't miss cigarettes.  I'm still one day, often just ten-minutes at a time.  I hope that someday I actually go a whole day, half-day, without thinking of cigarettes!  When that does happen, I hope I remember that I've just accomplished ...