by Ouija
21 Mar 2011, 22:31
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Topic: Marsha's Quit Journey
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"Never use nicotine again and you won't want to eventually."

<r>Hello Marsha,<br/> <br/> I quit smoking Oct 10, 2003. Long enough ago that I had to look it up to confirm the date. I no longer think about smoking at all. An ad in my local paper for Substance Abuse Counselors prompted me to check in on my old support group, (here at FFN).<br/> <br/> Reading you...
by Ouija
12 May 2009, 09:13
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Topic: 15th Day of the Quit is the Worst!!!
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Had a rough day 15? Good!

<t>Starbuck, <br/> <br/> Peer into the future, to a time when you are completely comfortable as an ex-smoker, when your addiction is all but forgotten. <br/> <br/> Do yourself a huge favor. It won't always be a struggle so remember the hard days. Remember what day 15 felt like. My worst was day ten....
by Ouija
12 May 2009, 07:36
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Topic: Baseball gods please forgive me!
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Baseball gods please forgive me!

<t>I went to my second major league baseball game on Sunday. Go Yankees! We had a great time. I saw every pitch, hit, out, and home run. Johnny Damon hit a three run homer in the 7th inning giving New York the win over Baltimore. <br/> <br/> I was so tuned in to the game, I hardly noticed why the sm...
by Ouija
06 Apr 2009, 18:25
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Topic: Tired and a bit depressed
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The Discomforts of Quitting Smoking are Temporary

<r>Natasha, <br/> <br/> My worst day was day 10. Why? Because I had been hiding from the world while I quit. That day I decided to venture out. Crave after crave and one trigger after another. Lol. I don't know if you can relate but don't fear doing the things you normally did as a smoker, unless it...
by Ouija
06 Apr 2009, 17:49
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Topic: My First Post
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Try Deep Breathing

<t>Kann, <br/> <br/> I know how difficult it is for your body early on to deal with life without smoking. I felt as if I couldn't digest food without that after meal cigarette. Something just felt off. Plus I was hungrier more often after I quit. Given a little time and patience your body will find ...
by Ouija
06 Apr 2009, 08:36
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Topic: My 1st Post
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Welcome to Freedom

<r>Congratulations on one week quit! <br/> <br/> Take a look at these articles: <br/> <br/> <URL url=""><s>[url=]</s>There is no legitimate reason to relapse<e>[/url]</e></URL> <br/> <URL url=""><s>[ur...
by Ouija
06 Apr 2009, 07:40
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Topic: GEMS of Wisdom for Newbies Parade
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GEMS of Wisdom for Newbies Parade

<r><SIZE size="100"><s>[size=100]</s><FONT font="SERIF"><s>[font=SERIF]</s>What GEMS of wisdom from, Freedom From Tobacco, Freedom From Nicotine, and / or from other long term ex-smokers have you picked up along the way that really made an impression on you as a newbie and helped strengt...
by Ouija
06 Apr 2009, 06:32
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Topic: Tell a newbie how how many seconds a day you still want a cigarette
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Still Thinking About Smoking

<t>I'm going to be honest. As much as I hated smoking, there was a part of me that enjoyed it. Believe it or not, even after a 5 year quit, from time to time I actually do still think about smoking. And when I say think about smoking I mean in that longing, wish I could do it kind of way. Which is n...
by Ouija
31 Mar 2009, 23:02
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Topic: 1st post
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<t>Hi, Welcome to Freedom <br/> <br/> I joined in 2003. <br/> <br/> Before finding this site I had no faith in my ability to quit what-so-ever! Joel's & John's articles and Freedom's long term exsmokers helped me understand what I need to do to break free of this addiction once and for all. Joel...
by Ouija
31 Mar 2009, 22:11
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Topic: My First Year
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<r>Hi Lila, Welcome to Gold! <IMG src="forum_data/forums.ff/ffn/ffn/smilies/38.gif"><s>[img]</s>forum_data/forums.ff/ffn/ffn/smilies/38.gif<e>[/img]</e></IMG> <br/> <br/> I didn't know if I could do it either once upon a time. <br/> <br/> But not only was quitting doable, not only did comfort come, ...