by Dionne
08 Oct 2010, 14:37
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Topic: My Quit Journal
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welcome to Freedom

<t>Hi Dear Firefly:  I liked what and how you wrote, and think you have the winning philosophy to make it through successfully.  When we educate ourselves through the reading on this site, we gain the knowledge of addictions and the promise of joining others in quitting when we adopt what is the tru...
by Dionne
08 Oct 2010, 14:23
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Topic: Welcome! We've been waiting on you!
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John this line "Welcome, we've been waiting for you" made me cry the longest time 10 years ago. I can't think exactly why now but maybe it made me realize I wasn't alone. I'm forever grateful for it, for you my friend, and for all at Whyquit. Yours, Diane.
by Dionne
08 Oct 2010, 14:19
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Topic: Successful Quitters one and ALL share your stats PARADE!
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10 years today

<t>Hi Freedom Pals:  Today is my 10th and I sit taller when I write that as quitting smoking was one of the most courageous things I've done in my life.  I think it was taking it as "Faith" after reading everything from Whyquit, that I was able to be successful.  Sometimes we have to bow our heads a...
by Dionne
04 Oct 2010, 02:37
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Topic: Grateful For Ten Years Quit - Thank You Freedom!
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Hey girl! big congrats on your anniversary

<t>I love being on here tonight and seeing old friends celebrating too; can you imagine we'd ever get here and so quickly it seems; 10 years, it doens't seem possible this time has gone by.  We're left with such fitness and sweetness and courage and even humbleness sometimes when we realize the drea...
by Dionne
04 Oct 2010, 02:29
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Topic: Ten years of Freedom.
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Ten years of Freedom.

<r>Hello my Dears at Whyquit:  I'll be on the road the 8th of Oct. my 10th anniversary so want to stand up and say <B><s>[b]</s><U><s>[u]</s>thank you<e>[/u]</e></U><e>[/b]</e></B> for helping get me here.<br/> Sometimes I'll see someone take a puff on an cigarette and frown with the knowledge that ...
by Dionne
04 Oct 2009, 22:15
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Topic: Erinlovely's posts.
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You inspire others Erin...

<t>Hi Erin: Gee here I am an old timer of 9 years but your letters inspired me with what you wrote. You've spoken for most of us with what you said, only you did it eloquently and with such feeling. <br/> Don't you dare quit now; we need you on the site to help others that come along and to help the...
by Dionne
04 Oct 2009, 22:09
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Topic: Dawn's First Post
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Now that you've declared yourself a winner...

<r>Hi Dawn: I'd like to join the others in sincere welcoming home! We've all been waiting for you to step up and here you are; being brave and courageous in negotiating the first baby steps, you've taken the plunge and decided to continue your quest for the best that life has to offer. <br/> <br/> A...
by Dionne
28 Sep 2009, 01:23
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Topic: Feel like a newborn taking my first breath of fresh air
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Welcome my dear

<t>Kim: Your letter was poignant and written very clear; I think you've hit the nail on the head as most of us also feel the way you did (do). <br/> "Like a newborn, taking your first breath of fresh air." <br/> Oddly I often still feel like it; I'm scads older than you and smoked longer and was so ...
by Dionne
18 Sep 2009, 13:19
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Topic: AGE and Stats Parade?
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from youth to senior citizen

<t>Hi: I am 68 and have been free from nicotine for 9 years. I started at 15 (maybe) so that says I smoked for 44 years. Geez. <br/> Today I'm lively, happy (of course), healthy, and wise. Whether Freedom accepts it or not, they (you all) helped get me here. <br/> Encouragement when we're on a diffi...
by Dionne
18 Sep 2009, 13:09
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Topic: I still can't believe it
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You go girl!

<t>Hi: I liked what you wrote today, it made me grin remembering my own crazy first few weeks when (after a careful check that I was alone) I'd yell "I don't smoke" then add a bunch of other not smoking quotes. Oddly enough the silliness of yelling outloud to no one but me always made me feel good. ...