by Andy (Bronze)
10 Feb 2003, 10:29
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Topic: None or All. Why I choose none Parade
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None or All. Why I choose none Parade

<t>I choose none because: <br/> 1. The want/need to have control. <br/> 2. The health risks of smokeless tobacco <br/> 3. Smokeless Tobacco is a nasty habit that is repulsive to others. <br/> 4. No more nasty spit cups/bottles left in my vehicle or in the house. <br/> 5. The irritability that I demo...
by Andy (Bronze)
30 Jan 2003, 19:56
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Topic: Dreams
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This is the beginning of day eight. Last night I dreamed I was going on a business trip and purchased a can of Skoal before leaving. I remember checking my watch before our departure time to try and make time for a fix. Woke up before falling off the wagon. Thanks all :-)