by swanderson(Green)
02 Nov 2001, 04:38
Topic: I wish it was just, "A Nasty Little Habit."
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I wish it was just, "A Nasty Little Habit."

<t>Thanks for bringing this one up Marie, and Welcome to Freedom. I think I was starting to get a bit lazy or complacent about my addiction, and have been reading through some of Joel's library this afternoon. I haven't read this one for a while, but I think it's time to print it out and stick it in...
by swanderson(Green)
20 Oct 2001, 15:53
Forum: Relapse Prevention
Topic: Short funny clinic story
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Short funny clinic story

<t>Aaaahhh for that one beautiful puff! How/why did we go long with this addiction for so long? I know that that is the nature of addiction, but our bodies were telling us on a daily basis to wise up and stop poisoning ourselves! <br/> <br/> Thank goodness it is all over - as long as we never take a...
by swanderson(Green)
15 Oct 2001, 19:52
Topic: Walking Among the Addicted
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Walking Among the Addicted

<t>What about living among the addicted John? <br/> <br/> I live with another smoker, and although they smoke in the house it doesn't bother me. Each day that goes by the smoke smells more repulsive though. One cigarette after another after another, day in day out... <br/> <br/> What I was wondering...
by swanderson(Green)
09 Oct 2001, 20:50
Topic: Quitting for Others
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Quitting for Others

<r>The last two messages in this chain have come up blank other than for the <IMG height="12" src="" width="12"><s>[img width="12" height="12"]</s><e>[/img]</e></IMG> sign. Does this mean they...
by swanderson(Green)
09 Oct 2001, 01:22
Forum: Help Me - SOS
Topic: "This is my letter to the world..."
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"This is my letter to the world..."

Congratulatons Dionne,

You say you will try to be there more for others needing help. I think your letter to the world should be a great help to all of us newbies...