by EileenS
24 Feb 2001, 04:57
Topic: Crutches to Quit Smoking
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Crutches to Quit Smoking

<t>Thanks for this article. It reminded me of the last time I tried to quit smoking about 2 years ago and why this quit is my last. I quit previously because I had developed this new "habit" of going to the gym. Well, as I recall, as soon as I grew tired of the gym, I subsequently re-discovered smok...
by EileenS
21 Feb 2001, 14:14
Topic: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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<t>Nicole, I can identify with that feeling of anger. In times like that, I too get frustrated because there seems to be no reason for it. But don't stress out trying to analyze it -- it will pass...I'm with Pook on the bath...oops..well, not literally, know what I mean! Try and think good ...
by EileenS
21 Feb 2001, 05:29
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Topic: The smoking dream
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The smoking dream

<t>Thanks Joel :-) <br/> <br/> I'm hoping that pretty soon I'll completely quit (in my dreams) so that my dream world will match my reality. Yesterday I was having a pretty down day and was the first time I thought of smoking, but I DIDN'T...but then I think my subconscious got the better of me. Lik...