screams, laughter, fears and tears

The emotions that flow from nicotine cessation

screams, laughter, fears and tears

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22 Dec 2000, 01:42 #1

Many emotions prevail when quitting smoking....especially the first month or so.

Many of you have asked about anger and many of you have shed more than your share of tears. Some of you laugh while others, sit in fear and yet others are suffering pain. I have seen these emotions come in batches over a period of almost nine months since I quit.... One person speaks out and other voices join in. Again, this is what a message board is for. None of us should sit alone and feel bad when spilling our hearts out can do so much good.
These emotions are normal at the beginning of a quit and will last for some of us a couple of months. We all must remember that we are addicts, and for those of us still in the early stages of our quits, our bodies are still struggling from the absence of nicotine. Some of us have smoked for decades, others here, are lucky and wise enough to call it quits after a couple of years. All of our bodies, no matter how long we smoked were used to functioning with nicotine. Now, our bodies are learning to run the way they were meant to run....without the nicotine. There is not a system in our bodies that smoking has not invaded and even though we are nicotine free in a few will take longer for our bodies to heal......and healing they are.

I have seen the anger and the tears and have heard the laughter too. I am always sorta grumpy so maybe I was a bit grumpier at the beginning....well at least I tried to be...many thought I was just funny....especially at work. Made me even grumpier. Many of you shed tears at the drop of a hat and some of you claim anger.....but I could do neither. For me....and for some others here, according to some new posts I am reading....fear prevailed. When my husband and I began our quits we knew that some pretty serious surgery was scheduled for the 21st day of our older daughters 32 birthday. The only thing we could focus on was the impending surgery so fear was basically the emotion I had to deal with....fear of the unknown....fear of what would happen should the surgery go awry. Well, the surgery was a success.....all 3 aneurysms my husband had were successfully repaired....smoking had caused them and now we could hope that our smoking had done no further damage. After the surgery there was recovery and joy. So I did not experience the anger and tears because the fears occupied my mind....then pure joy.

Soon all of you experiencing the mood swings....the hi's and low's will find yourselves starting to mellow out. Your bodies' healing will have progressed more and you will have learned that you can live both mentally and physically without cigarettes. Your days will start flying by once again, your lives will take shape without thoughts of smoking and the anger, the fear, and the tears will become history.

I find since I quit smoking that I smile more, feel better about myself and walk out in public taller, prouder and thrilled that I finally got the monkey off my back.......and I know, that all of you experiencing unhappy feelings.....the anger and the fears and the tears, will, just like me, and all the others before you, walk taller and be prouder and be happier too.

a big hug to each and every one of you and best wishes for a happy, healthy, smokefree life.


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THANKS! And a big hug to you too, Linda!!!!!

What a great post! I know exactly what you are saying. I am either angry or sad or...paranoid! I swear everyone hates me! Of course I do have good moments too, but I haven't had a really good day for a long, long time (at least a week). Hanging in there just waiting for the time to go by...

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Thank you Linda! What perfect timing you have! This past week has been one of immense tension. I seem to be like a loaded gun, waiting to go off at the first opportunity. This is not like me, I'm normally more even tempered. But ole Mr. Nic can just take a hike because temper-tantrums or not, I won't go back to smoking. Best part is, even though I'm experiencing the temper and paranoia (thinking everyone is made at me, or talking about me) I LOVE not having to find time to go out in the freezing cold to smoke. I love the way I smell now, fresh and clean...not like a stinkweed. I have to be real patient around my husband, because his smell is beginning to offend me...but it is not his is the addiction.

Somebody even said to me...maybe you need to go smoke a cigarette...UGGGGHHHH even people who don't smoke have bad days!

Ok I guess I just needed to vent for a minute here. I just wanted to say thanks and give you a great big hug!


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22 Dec 2000, 03:34 #4

Oh wow Amy, you too?

I've been pretty okay mood-wise since I quit, since I'm consciously trying to control it. I keep saying to myself "Yes, I feel angry (or sad or whatever), but it won't last, and everything is okay -- it's just the addiction talking to me, trying to get me to feed it again"

But every once in a while, I can't control it. I get snappy for no reason with people, or get into a funk and brood at my desk in my own little pity party. And EVERYONE has said to me at some point or other this week "Why don't you have just one cigarette?" Arghhhhh!!!!!

How do you explain to people that a cigarette may make you act human again for the next ten minutes, but that then the major withdrawl (which has subsided over the week I've been quit) will start all over again?

Ok -- I'm doneImage Just really needed to vent about that too!
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Hey Linda!
What a great thread...of course I have to put my two cents in here.
Suz, I know what you mean about waiting for time to go by....I did that too. It is going to start going by at it's old normal speed soon. Before you know it you will be an old, experienced, smart, and wary quitter!
Amy2 and Georgie, Don't EVER listen to someone telling you that you are a crab and should go smoke a cig! They don't mean to kill you, but that's pretty much what they are suggesting.....they just don't know what they are saying to you. The temper tantums and other emotional things will subside, and you will be so proud of your new STRONG, INDEPENDANT, and FREE selves that you won't be able to stop smiling.
You all are doing a fine job, congratulations!
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I had to check out this post as it contained my roller coaster moods for the day. That is what I love about checking the boards I start with the woe is me pity party and end up learning I`m
not alone, I`m not going bonkers, I,m not a weak weeny etc. Im` a healing addict who`s come a long way baby thanks to the company, honesty and sharing of other fantastic souls doing
the same. Right now instead of screams,laughter,fears and tears I,m experiencing some inner
peace, contentment, confidence and pride. Also I feel profound gratitude you`re all just a click
of the mouse away when I need you. I pray I can give some of those good feelings back to
any of you should you need them.... Thanks Tessa 2W9H and getting better every day!!!

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Thank you Linda, for the post. Feelings are so important to someone who stopped smoking, since we no longer have the outlet of sucking them down with each pluff! I think that is where some of the trouble is, the ones that are hard to express, and then there is the ones , that nothing can be done cept to accept them. Things like you talked about, and death, and hardships. I only know one thing, i have smoked a gillion times over every feeling imaginable, and used every feeling as an excuse to pick up a smoke, NO more, NOt this time. I will Never take Another Puff! Today i know thanks to Freedom, if i ever feel it would be ok to take one puff!! i feel it would not be in my best interest to believe that thought. yqs Christiana

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22 Dec 2000, 21:20 #8

Linda -

Well said ... each one of us being individuals handle and react to situations in our own unique ways ... including this quitting thing!

Yes - this is truly the most difficult thing I have ever given up . . . because for some reason IT KEEPS COMING BACK TO HAUNT YOU !!!

That was the part I hadn't understood until Freedom ... that was the part that I had given in to ... that "just one more" thing.

but today I (looking at the subject of this thread) am in the "laughter" category ... putting the tears - fears and screams behind me!

I sure am glad I came along .. .. .. ..
- robert -


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02 Jan 2001, 22:21 #9

Imagehang in there gary

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This post is so true.But it does get better.Everyone....hang in there.Terri....One month, two weeks, five days, 20 hours, 34 minutes and 3 seconds. 997 cigarettes not smoked, saving $184.47. Life saved: 3 days, 11 hours, 5 minutes.