screams, laughter, fears and tears

The emotions that flow from nicotine cessation
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15 Oct 2002, 04:43 #41

ImageHang on, feel whatever feelings there are, doesn't it feel good to not use nicotine to cover those up any more? Thankfully, the rollercoaster of emotions rolls to a stop. Whew!

your quit sister,

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15 Jan 2003, 00:06 #42

For Tisy and gets better!

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12 Mar 2003, 03:08 #43

thank you golden billw for the recommendation of this article, and thank you linda for writing it.
i really needed to read this.
1wk, 1d

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12 Mar 2003, 13:37 #44

Image Thanks, I needed this post today. I feel a little blue, but for once no tears at the drop of a hat. Maybe I'm fighting them off, I don't know, I'll wait until I lay in my bed thinking of what a wonderful day I had not smoking. Then when I cry I turn the tears into tears of happiness. For some reason, even though I've had some rough times, I know deep within that nothing would have been different if I smoked, and I don't think the way I've dealt with everything would have been any easier emotionally either if I smoked. I feel calmer and more relaxed, although, no one notices, I feel this way inside. I'm relieved to have kicked off the habit, and three weeks feels like years compared to the 18 years I've smoked...continuously, one after another..., killing my lungs...

ImageWhat a tragedy, what a horrible tragedy. Image Ok, I'm stopping now, I don't want to cry for unhappiness, just happiness. Am I crazy? Oh well, at least I crack myself up with laughter sometimes during my craziness times. Thanks, for your kind words, and encouragement, it helps!!!

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I had to come to Freedom this morning. I have been bothered by nickodemons since yesterday. I'm almost 4 weeks into my quit [May 13] and got hit by a bad crave, I fought it, even had a good cry for myself. Then I dreamed 2 people came in the store where I worked, smoking cigarettes, and instead of telling them to put them out, I asked for and took a puff.
I couldn't believe I did that and began to cry for my lost quit.

I woke up, tears still on my face, and joy that it was only a dream. I immediately logged on to Freedom to read about Depression and how others handled that type of feeling.

I was thinking maybe I should ask my Dr. about Wellbutrin , but like others, I do not want to take medication. Maybe it was just this weekend and this crave that did it. I don't have too much support at home, Hubby is glad I quit but doesn't have much to say about it, kids are glad too but no one reenforces my need to hear that I'm doing great.

When I smoked, every day someone said "when are you going to quit?" "You need to quit" Now that I've quit, no one says anything. No one feels or understands the struggle I'm going through[ they never smoked]. Oh I guess this is just another pity party for me. I needed to come on here for my re enforcements. I do realize I am proud of me and my quit, I didn't think I could get this far.
Ms Grumpys post and the other articles on depression have helped and so I'll go do something good for myself and keep on breathing deeply and
never take another puff [even in my dreams]

June 13th will be my GREEN PARTY Almost there!

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09 Jun 2003, 00:50 #46

Hi Mellodee,
First of are going to be just fine! There are NO nicodemons, as you will learn here at Freedom. It's just your addiction tapping you on the shoulder to let you know it's still there but it wil subside as you learn more about it and meet, greet and defeat your triggers.
Read the following. They will help you to understand just what is happening to you, including the smoking dream:

The smoking dream
The urge hits
Why am I still having "urges?"
Negative support from others
Quitting can be a very lonely experience
One day at a time
One hour at a time
Nicodemon's lies or junkie's junk?

before you know'll be celebrating your first smokefree month and we'll always be here to celebrate with you.
you're doing great. be proud.
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10 Jun 2003, 12:14 #47

Gosh, I really needed to read the one on dreams, I thought I was the
only one.
It's great that Freedom re affirms all this for the newbies.
I did get out of the house, went to the Casino and smelled the yucky
smoke and know I will never take another puff. I also watched the
smokers having their love affairs with a slow death, I was embarrased
for them and realized I was there only a few weeks ago.
Yes I need the support of you posters on Freedom, my support at home is
not really negative, it's just not there. I need the stroking, even give
myself a pat on the back.
Thanks for being there on this SOS weekend. I just got freaky for a
I'm ok now.

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16 Aug 2003, 03:51 #48

This temporary journey of adjustment called quitting is primarily Image about our conscious rational mind having the patience to allow the subconscious emotional inner mind the time needed to begin sensing that the real chemical free "you" is a wonderful thing to be. All the emotions bubbling up are almost automatic cue conditioned responses designed to protect you from the anxieties associated with early withdrawal. You've already been there, you've done that, and all that remains is for both levels of consciousness to begin to see, appreciate and believe that where you are, and where you're going, is far far safer, much healthier and vastly easier than the captive life, massive risks and endless emotional and energy cycling that you've left behind.
You're going home and there's only one rule - no nicotine today! The next few minutes are doable! Have a great weekend! John
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11 Jan 2004, 05:26 #49

thank you for your advice ,my family would say that i am not that placid any way but since stopping i have laughed more than i normally do and have smilled more than i normally do,but i have also found myself washing the dishes and crying for no reason,ive screamed and shouted,but all through the last five days(that have incidently felt like fifty)ive had this overpowering feeling of proudness in myself i just hope one day i will look back on this and no longer feel that im carrying all these emotions around with me just cause im not allowing myself to have a ciggerette,i will not take another puff!!!!!!

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12 Feb 2004, 22:30 #50

I love the way you put things Linda. I am very much on an emotional rollercoaster with my quit. Other than that it's going well, but I'm sick of crying over everything or getting angry over nothing, as I'm sure the people around are as well. On day 3 of my quit I found myself washing my kitchen floor on my hands and knees (I dont' like the way the mop does it) bawling like a baby, over nothing. I'm ultra sensitive these days as well. If I could get a grip on my emotions things would be absolutely fabulous. I suppose this will come with time and patience, not one of my strong suits (patience).

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