screams, laughter, fears and tears

The emotions that flow from nicotine cessation
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Looking back at my not so long ago post I can`t believe thats me. One thing good did come from a cigerette company
"WE`VE COME A LONG WAY BABY" Though I`m sure Va slims never heard of freedom!!!
Sweet ,lovable,Image Mrs G , your the best and when are you grumpy????

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ImageImageImagethank you Linda, that came from the heart, I hope Hal is well, you are a terrific friend
can't wait till the "golden announcement" I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU, I COULD BURST!

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Hmmm, reading over this post again and seeing my post from before I have to agree with Tessa.


To all who have just recently quit, I promise it just keeps getting better and better. As long as you remember the golden rule:




I have been free for Three weeks, five days, 40 minutes and 28 seconds. And have not smoked 780 cigarettes, have robbed Phillip Morris of $108.54. I have added: 2 days, 17 hours, 0 minutes.

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Wow! I find myself so awed by reading these posts. How different and how alike we all are in our addiction and recovery. I have been lucky so far with screams, laughter, fears and tears as I am on Christmas break and have spent the beginning of my quit basically alone and am free to vent any feeling into the air without fear of affending or affecting anyone with my outburst. Oddly enough though, I seem rather numb and void of emotions at the moment. At this point it all seems about counting time, getting through one hour and then another. I find it difficult to accomplish anything being void of motivation. Please assure me that this phase will pass because I am generally a very motivated, energized person with some goal in scope that I must work toward accomplishing. As always your support is overwhelming and I thank Freedom and staff for being ever available. For the moment my motivation will have to be the accomplishment of 1 day 11 hours 23 minutes ,51 cigarettes not smoked by me, $7.35 added to my savings and 4 hours 15 minutes added to my living. Image Subie0

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well, Linda it's time to wash the morning dishes and get ready to go back to was really nice while it lasted...will be home after 10 my time and will say hello again then. I feel
ready for the day and I know I will not take one puff today...wonderful..I'm amazed I can say that with surety. a week of reinforcing my committment has paid off in so many to you and all of my quit friends tonight

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Imageso many new emotions and so many new gets me

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Thank you so much!!!!! For me life began 5 days ago when I made the decision to throw away the smokes I can see clearly now in more ways than one. I know what you mean about making big decisions to change something major in your life and for the first few days its really slow after a couple of weeks boom it will start flying. I am not concerned about the next 2 weeks or 3 months, I am focusing on right here and now.....
Thank you again and may you all have a Healthy & Happy Smokeless New Year, Your Freedom Sis Suzanne

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Well today I had some real tear and fear time. I talked to my dad, who has been smoking since he was in the sixth grade, and found out he has been sick for 2 weeks. That's when the fear came and tears and pain. It was for him, but I'm so used to dealing with all these emotions by sucking them in with my inhale. I've never dealt with my feelings (or tried not to by smoking) and they're quite overwhelming. I have been going to this sight more and more recently. It really helps reading and sharing this stuff. I am so glad I have somewhere to go so I don't have to give up the fight. Tha nks for sharing everybody!

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I see a few are having a down day...hope this helps.Image

Hang on tight day at a time!

Thanks Linda : )))

Love and hugs to all...

Joanne ; )

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Thanks for the encouraging words. I've been there lately. 3 weeks today and I am proud but also experiencing a sense of loss that I can't explain. outoftheashes