Romancing the Drug, Recognizing the Junkie

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An exceptionally powerful opening post and subsequent thread. I hope hope GreenSolveg is still going strong with her quit.
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I escaped from the prison of smoking on August 14, 2010.  
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Hi Erica
I'm at the one month mark and also like you I have had some quite intense cravings - but johns response about why we credit the good times with nicotene when we don't blame smoking on the worst, has helped me see it once
again for what it is.

I still often dream of smoking and am always so relieved when I wake and it's not true. That also helps reinforce my quit.

Most of all I know the calm is on it's way and one smoke would put me back to where I started. Like you say even with these odd intense craves I still feel so much better than I did.

Great post.


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Good day all, this was such a perfect post to read today. Erica, at day 75, wrote out exactly what I'm going through now (day 69 for me today). It's not craves, triggers, etc. It's the junky, the reptile brain, trying to get me to take a cigarette. It's every perfect wonderful memory of smoking pushed to the forefront, while the horror of it -- truly hideous enough to make me quit -- sleeps in the background like an exhausted puppy. It's my job, as owner and commander in chief of my rational mind, to take control of it, stop romanticizing the nightmare I've escaped from, and move forward.
It was super important to me to read that post today; I had a rough, tough go with it this morning, and I felt just angry that it's happening at this stage. I needed Erica's wisdom. Thanks Erica, quit now for years and years. You probably won't see this, but know that your post from 7 years ago helped a newbie today.

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"Thanks Erica, quit now for years and years. You probably won't see this, but know that your post from 7 years ago helped a newbie today." - Sylvia
Thanks Erica, make that 8 years ago now and thank you Sylvia and every other Quiter that helped keep this post alive.
I would never have been able to find peace absent my smoking addiction if I didn't first believe it was possible.
Thank you all for helping me believe.
Tom - 36 days and counting