November 17th, 2010, 8:02 pm #21

This is such an interesting post....Thank you. I wondered why i feel sad more often than i did. At least I now know why and also know that things will get better. After 9 days nicotene free and with the support of why quit, joels videos and reading all these posts I have the most strength I've had in years. I'm very angry at the tobacco industry full stop and angry at the NHS for pushing all these NRT products. I went to one of there groups last week thinking they might be able to support me more in person. Out of the 20-30 people there I was the only one quitting cold turkey and 90% of them looked terrified.... I told them about this site but the people doing the clinic were so in favour of NRT... such a shame. The one or two who were doing o.k would have done even better if they had quit cold turkey. All of them seemed like they were still desperate to smoke. I found it really quite sad - I wanted to bring them all home and show them what I'd found on here.
Thank you all so much X