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Lest any of us forget.

We have three real world examples currently happening to board members that really show what kind of bad days smoking is capable of causing. The side effects that people may go through from quitting are nothing compared to the side effects that can be caused by not quitting. The three stories unfolding below clarify this point. No one should ever think that quitting is "A fate worse than death". The best way to mimimize your risk of facing real pain and suffering is to remember to stay totally committed to the promise that you made to yourself when joining to never take another puff!


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Loss of a Great Quitter

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The Real Cigarette Induced "Roller Coaster" Ride
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Repeating Joel's earlier post in this string:

I haven't been able to spend a lot of time here the past few days. It seems a number of people are experiencing what they think of as bad days. Everyone should work at keeping things in perspective. Life goes on without smoking and sometimes things will be bad that have nothing to do with smoking and or quitting.

But I think if everyone really considers the full implications of smoking, they will realize that that even bad days are better days than they would be if you were still a smoker. More significant, if you compare your bad days to people on oxygen for the rest of their lives because they are permanently pulmonary cripples, or people on chemotherapy trying to save their lives from cancer, or people in the end stages of smoking induced conditions that have no real effective treatments, they will realize that the bad days they are now having are a walk in the park compared to these patients bad days. In fact, your bad days are probably better than these people's good days.

If in doubt of this concept, go to and take a read of the ALA Wall of Remembrance or take a look at Bryan's story and see which of these people's life stories would you consider trading positions with. Trouble in relationships, job troubles, sleep disturbances, even depression, if compared to these tragic stories should help make you realize what you have gained by quitting as opposed to lamenting of the problems that you may perceive quitting has caused. In most cases quitting hasn't caused your problems, life has. Cigarettes won't resolve problems either, just add new ones to them that are usually more serious than the problem leading you to want a cigarette. Life goes on after quitting. In fact it will likely go on longer and you will go on significantly healthier as long as you always remember to never take another puff!


Does it sometimes look like a lot of our members seem to be having a bad day?

The Real Cigarette Induced "Roller Coaster" Ride

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Another great thread to which I'll be returning. Later I'll add to my Quit Log this vow:

Stop today, stop right now, talking to a single soul about 'having a bad day' because of lack of nicotine. Instead, no matter what effort's required, be grateful for the miracle of nonsmoking freedom.
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Thank you for this article, I am starting my 7th day- nicotine free and I'm very glad to be here. Had "Bad Moments " in the day, when, I thought, does it ever really get better?  Then I read here and reminded my self- everyone here is NOT living in misery, it must get better, Breathe, and never take another puff..   I am grateful for tis site and messages.