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04/01/02 02:52

The day that smoking changed from being a matter of choice to a mandatory endless requirement was the point of no return. What may have started as a brief rebellious experiment, an attempt to look more adult, or as a means to gain acceptance from others, was now a true, full blown and permanent chemical dependency. Scientists tell us it was then that we each altered our brains and that even if we are able to quit , break free and grow 100%comfortable in our new life as an ex-smoker, that we each remain on probation for the remainder of our lives, always just one puff away from relapse.

Knowing the law of addiction doesn't make the comfort that arrives, for all who remain patient, any less comfortable. In fact it can be comforting knowing exactly what it takes to stay free! There are no loopholes in the law of addiction. Yes, the "thought" of "just one" is a lie! Like Joel teaches us, the true measure of the tremendous power of nicotine isn't in how hard it is to quit but in the power of that one little puff and how easy it is relapse!

Be patient with your healing, just one day at a time! There are over one billion comfortable ex-smokers on earth and none of them were stronger than you! It doesn't take strength to quit but simply desire and an appreciation for the power of smoking just one puff of new nicotine! There is only one rule that we each must follow in order to remain free for life -NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF!