Replacing the Word "Cigarette" with "Nicotine"

Retraining the conscious mind
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19 Feb 2002, 22:21 #11

Learning to take our quit just one day, hour and crave at a time is probably the most important skill taught here at Freedom. Yesterday is history and tomorrow beyond our reach! When we put our heads on our pillows tonight, if we've remained 100% nicotine clean today then victory is complete and we should each sleep as champions!

But as Joel says, if we look at this quit as only being successful if we remain quit for our entire life, then the only time we'll ever feel a sense of victory is after we've died. Celebrate your Freedom and healing today! No nicotine just one day at a time! Patience! The comfort is awesome! Join us!

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01 Apr 2002, 18:52 #12

The day that smoking changed from being a matter of choice to a mandatory endless requirement was the point of no return. What may have started as a brief rebellious experiment, an attempt to look more adult, or as a means to gain acceptance from others, was now a true, full blown and permanent chemical dependency. Scientists tell us it was then that we each altered our brains and that even if we are able to quit , break free and grow 100%comfortable in our new life as an ex-smoker, that we each remain on probation for the remainder of our lives, always just one puff away from relapse.

Knowing the law of addiction doesn't make the comfort that arrives, for all who remain patient, any less comfortable. In fact it can be comforting knowing exactly what it takes to stay free! There are no loopholes in the law of addiction. Yes, the "thought" of "just one" is a lie! Like Joel teaches us, the true measure of the tremendous power of nicotine isn't in how hard it is to quit but in the power of that one little puff and how easy it is relapse!

Be patient with your healing, just one day at a time! There are over one billion comfortable ex-smokers on earth and none of them were stronger than you! It doesn't take strength to quit but simply desire and an appreciation for the power of smoking just one puff of new nicotine! There is only one rule that we each must follow in order to remain free for life -NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF!

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I appreciate you pulling this up. It's been kind of a rough day today, missing my old "friend", which I hadn't since I started my quit 12 plus days ago. I've been telling myself to just make it through today and tomorrow will be better. Having seen it written in your message # 14 has helped, I just had to see someone else say it. Thanks! DebD 12 DAYS 9HRS 56 MIN, 248 NOT SMOKED,SAVING $48.41, LIFE SAVED 20hrs 49min.

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Seemed appropriate for today!
31ST MAY 2002
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another nicotine addict
free and healing

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Together with the brain's right insula, our dopamine pathways are the mind's priorities teacher, pounding home the importance of species suvival events such as eating, drinking, reproduction, nurturing, group bonding and Imageaccomplishment. The problem is that by happenstance some external chemicals are able to take this brain circuitry hostage, some more than others. When it happens, the person is often left totally convinced that continuing use of the chemical is as important as eating. Food craves, nicotine craves. Food "aaah" sensations, nicotine "aaah" sensations. The enslaved mind becomes convinced that ending nicotine use will be akin to starving ourself to death. It isn't that the brain's pay-attention priority teaching circuitry isn't working exactly as designed. It did its job well. What went wrong was that the brain was fooled into activiting these pathways by arrival of an external chemical.

The beauty of the situation is that once the addict understands why stopping seems so frightening and hard that coming home can be one of the most amazing journeys they've ever made. Everything we did while under nicotine's influence can be done as well as or better as us! Why fear arriving at a day where we go the entire day and never once want to put nicotine into our body? It's a good thing, not bad. Isn't it time to stop being afraid. Embrace coming home, don't fight it!

Breathe deep, hug hard, live long,

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Welcome to Freedom!

If you're new to Freedom and still a daily slave to nicotine, isn't it time to trade places and place your chemical dependency under arrest and behind bars! The key to the cell is the next puff of nicotine. Take it and you stay on that side of the bars. Don't take it and you're free for so long as you don't. Yes, you will have to go through that temporary chemical and psychological adjustment period called "quitting" but focus on the next few minutes and let an hour be your goal. Take the hours one at a time and let them serve and you focus and building blocks to glory! Celebrate that first hour! Celebrate the second hour! No crave lasts for more than three minutes so be sure and look at a clock. The next few minutes will always be doable and there is no place, event, emotion or circumstance on this planet that can force you to again smoke nicotine. Baby steps to glory! John : )

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15 Jan 2003, 02:09 #17

It's just a quick little exercise to maybe get you
thinking a bit more like a real drug addict instead
of focusing only upon the second word in the
plant's real name - nicotiana tabacum
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02 Aug 2003, 05:03 #18

We don't smoke cigarettes any more than alcoholics drink bottles or heroin addicts inject needles. We're true chemical drug addicts and we smoke nicotine ... or, as indictated by the below story, may even stoop to drinking nicotine.

Florida Bar Concocts Nicotine Drink
Bar Markets Drink As Alternative To Smoking

POSTED: 3:22 p.m. EDT August 1, 2003

A new smoking ban in Florida may snuff out cigarettes in bars and restaurants -- but it's not cutting down on the appetite for nicotine.

In fact, as a result of the ban, a new cocktail was created: The Nicotini.

"When we first started out it was very, very strong," bar owner Larry Wald said.
It took a year of testing and tasting to create the concoction.

The Nicotini -- in regular and menthol -- was ready for routine consumption just as the smoking ban went into effect.

"We made an announcement, picked up all the ashtrays and said: 'Sorry there's no more smoking, but we have this.' And [we] bought everybody in the house a drink," Wald said.

The Nicotini is made by soaking tobacco leaves in vodka and then adding five different liqueurs to tame the tobacco flavor.

"You do get a nicotine buzz from this," an unnamed patron said.
But that "buzz" is what concerns some.

"It strikes me as potentially dangerous," lung specialist Dr. Glenn Singer said.
Singer's concern is that nicotine is a drug and, unlike over-the-counter patches and gum, there's no telling what dose you're getting in the Nicotini.

"When someone takes something like that, we don't know how it's going to react in that person," Singer said.

There are no laws against nicotine-infused cocktails, but Wald doubts anyone will overindulge.
"You're not going to drink 20 of these in a row because, obviously, you will get a stomach ache from the nicotine," Wald said.

And with smokers seeking an alternative to lighting up outside the bar, Wald hopes the Nicotini lets his customers know he cares.

"If you don't want to go outside to smoke a cigarette because you're having a good time, yes, I would stay inside for the drink," bar patron Steve Rosenberg said.

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02 Aug 2003, 08:01 #19

That is nauseating. And very, very sad.
Six months, two weeks, six days of freedom from nicotine.

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When I heard this story on the news, I couldn't believe my ears... Then I thought about how fortunate I am to not listen to the junky voices anymore. The sad fact is, that if my nicotine addiction was still active, I might consider trying one of those "stupid concoctions".

I'm glad to be free and healing.

YQS (6M,4W),

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