Recognizing Needs

Subconscious use cue extinguishment
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08 Jul 2004, 09:01 #41

Very helpful post about craves, thanks Bob. It almost answers my question, but not quite.

I have been quit for 70 days now, and lately I'm getting this thing where my mouth won't stop watering. I have been missing cigs quite a bit lately I guess. All of my friends smoke and I was on vacation with them last week. The weird thing is, I'm trying to figure out why my mouth is watering so much. Is it from missing nicotine? Vacation is over, and it's still happening many times a day. Has anyone else experienced this? I really appreciate your feedback.


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To OBoB:

You certainly are very wise. I am beginning to realize that I pretty much replaced everything I wanted in life with a cigarette. Nothing has value without one. One before and one after. And everything in between didn't matter too much.

This impacted my relationships in a terrible way. My son, whom I never see now, has recently told me that he thought I was just "never there." I wasn't! I was smoking in my bedroom when I was home. I am just now beginning to examine what I am feeling or needing. And it is not nicotine. It is what a non "nicotine normal" me would be feeling or needing.

Thanks for this article very much..quit 4 weeks, 5 days 19 hours.

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Makes me wonder how many needs I stuffed by smoking over the years. No wonder I was feeling so haggard for a while....I was probably dehydrated and tired, not in need of a cigarette. *sigh*

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Thanks to whomever brought this thread up.

I read it with great delight for a few minutes, and then with a growing feeling of anxiety, when I found my own reply in the 4weeks, 5 days. I have just copied this to my favorites. How beautifully it is written and how heart-wrenchingly true for all of us who replaced living with using.

I'm still scared by the fact that I have no memory of either reading this article by Obob or of writing a response. The first month of my quit (after 46 years) was passed in a sort of relentless oblivion.

I am actually working again, and hope smoking has not damaged my ability to remember things the way I used to. I am doing legal work again. It requires a lot of concentration and I'm a little worried that I've lost perhaps too much of it. I'm in the process of re-learning things that used to be second-nature to me. I'm also probably going to relocate closer to my job. As for my son......... I am very determined now to be something more than a "phantom" mom in his life.

Can anyone shed some light on my memory loss concerns? My doctor does not seem to think I have any real problems. But, wow! I don't remember this!


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Appendix to "Recognizing Needs"

Great post, my quit sis Erica! I thought it would be nice to have a link to your post today in the original thread. you explained some real examples very well.


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 ImageThanks to OBob for writing, Erica for adding even more insight and Sal for recommending today. Actually just what I needed. Just did my taxesImage, the results are NOT good news Image. Several strong urges, some crazy junkie rationalizing. Who is that guy in my head? I need some water and a long walk but I now also know what I no longer need Image. Thanks guys, this was In the Nick of Time. My name is JoeJFree a nicotine addict and Ex-smoker for 1 month, 3 days, 2 hours, 28 minutes and 36 seconds (33 days) Image NTAP!
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Sorry to hear about your taxes, Joe, but I sure am glad to hear the good news about your making it through the ordeal smoke-free. Before you know it, it won't even occur to you to want to smoke when stuff like this happens.

Keep up the great work!!
Your quit sis,
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Image The other day I had a big ol' crave out of the blue....and it amazed me because, well, I'm now an "oldbie" and haven't had a crave in a long, long, long time.
I put a magnifying glass on the crave and it turned out to be a yell for WATER, as I'd been busy, busy, busy......
It's amazing how the mind will still occasionally Go There and the first impression will be I'm Wanting Nicotine.
But, I'm not. Really, I'm DEFINITELY not.
Water. That was all it was.
Never Take Another Puff.
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Sal, congratulations on being an oldbie (look at your stats!!!! Image)!
Your message made me think of one of my favourites I want something ... had to smile when I saw message #70. Image
Have a great nicotine free day! Image
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I'm so happy I found that post!Image It explained so clearly the ridiculous situation I find myself in so many times during the day! When I 'm home and "want something" it's easy to go and hug my husband and/or children or go out at the balcony and breathe deeply, but when I'm at work things are not so easy. Fortunately, I can run here and seek for a helping thread!
Many thanks to you all, Image
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