Recognizing Needs

Subconscious use cue extinguishment
David Gold
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19 Aug 2002, 10:53 #11

ImageAlyson thanks for pulling this up for me. This says it all. This is what happens to me at times. Thanks again.

Image David
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20 Aug 2002, 23:39 #12

Dear Bob,

Thank you so much for this post. I came here today because I have been having craves/urges to smoke lately, and reading this really helped me to realize that I am under some stress, and that I always used to smoke when I was stressed. It also reminded me to take care of know...feed when hungry, drink when thirsty, etc...

Thanks so much.


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21 Aug 2002, 02:19 #13

Lynne -

Maybe the experiences related here will speak to where you're at today!

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22 Nov 2002, 06:13 #14

Hmph...can't believe I haven't read this one before. "Recognizing My Needs" has been a bit startling for me lately. I have ignored many of my natural yearnings for so very long. This past weekend I recognized one I had been avoiding for a while...the need to cry. I felt like I was saved from drowning when I started to sob, I hadn't done it like that for so long, right down from the bottom of my toes...used to smoke instead. It was just the deep down release that my body (and mind) had been begging for... and you know what? A stinky ole sickarette would have done nothing to make me feel any better. Turns out I just needed a good cry. Pheww....thanks agian are doing so much good here. Image

Thank you.

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30 Mar 2003, 11:34 #15

Image This is so true! And just what I needed to read! (Thank you, Sal for linking it to one of your replies! Image)
It's strange to realize that as adults, we need to decipher our needs as if we were just starting out in this world!
I am becoming much more in tune to my physical needs that have been quelched all these years by nicotine feedings! And even though I've read the caffeine warning at least a few times, I still make that mistake now and then. (No wonder coffee and sicarettes go together ~ too much of one makes you want too much of the other!)
The continuing education here is so helpful! It makes never taking another puff alot easier!

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Kath (Green)
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28 May 2003, 13:41 #16

Dear Bob,

This one is right on the money!!!!!!!

Just wish this body of mine would stop having so many "hunger" craves and maybe a few more "exercise" craves!(lol).Image

Thanks, this was just when I needed it.


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29 May 2003, 06:38 #17

Very insightful post. Imagine how our bodies have been asking for all these things and we have just giving it nicotine instead. I have the same problem with drinking enough water, so now I have posted signs around the house. I am really trying to get in touch with my body. Now that I am out of the fog of nicotine and I realize how abusive I have been to it, I feel like I need to make up for it with vitamins and a little TLC.

Dre bronze
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31 May 2003, 13:18 #18

Bob-Great info on the basic needs we forget we have as smokers, like nicotine was actually filling any need at all except our need to feel comfort for the next 30 minutes if we were lucky....
I didn't even realize how much of my discomfort was from my own lack of attention to my body and mind. I will be paying much closer attention in the future.. It's a light bulb moment for me, thanks so much!!!

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14 Jun 2003, 04:38 #19

From Kere: "would you believe that I forgot that it was ok to cry?"

Would you believe that that's very common for the addict? It is... Image

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10 Jul 2003, 12:49 #20

Thank you so much for this post. I really relate to this, yes I have answered every want with a puff. Do I really want to answer all my needs with a peice of candy? No, but it is not easy distinguishing what it is I need, want or feel.

I have been running in a panic for sometime now. Thankyou for this share!!!