Quitting or Recovering?

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This can be the most amazing journey of self-discovery we've ever undertaken IF we keep in mind the reality of recovery - that it is our addiction we are quitting, not ourselves.

The day we quit killling ourselves with a poisonous neuromodulator  is when we truly BEGAN to live as we' were always meant to have lived - clean of nicotine and free. Naturally. Normally.

Therein lies the Glory of Recovery - We get our real lives back.

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Excerpt from above:
What I hope you'll grow to appreciate is that quitting's true application should be to the day that nicotine took control of our mind, not the day we decided to take control back.

One of the most frightening aspects of chemical addiction is how quickly dependency onset causes the new slave to totally forget just how wonderful it was being free. An endless cycle of mandatory dopamine/adrenaline highs and lows rapidly suppress, overwrite and/or erase almost all memory of the calm, quiet and responsive mind we once called home.