Quitting by gradual withdrawal

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This also includes "treating yourself" to a cigar every night, or suddenly taking up smoking a pipe. Nicotine is nicotine is nicotine!

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I missed this one when I was reading. Someone said that I should tell the Doc about whyquit. Maybe I should just sent this post to him along with the whyquit address. I am really concerned that a Doc would actually suggest such torture to his patients. He is a vascular surgeon for God's sake. I can't believe he would lie to his patients like that. Obviously he has never been addicted to the nic sticks. I tend to be gullable at times. I wonder if anyone ever has quit by his method........

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Hello Barb:

Your vascular surgeon is not lying to his patients--he very likely believes what he is saying. He is just totally misinformed. A vascular surgeon has likely had no more training in the field of smoking cessation than a doctor of any other specialty. Actually, if a doctor goes out of his or her way to find some training he or she is probably going to be trained about how to prescribe NRT or other medications.

There is a reason that your doctor probably believes what he is saying though. He has probably had some patients pull off the quit. They suffered more in the process but ended up succeeding. They did not succeed because of the method though--they succeeded in spite of it. The reason they likely succeeded was that they had a problem so serious and so scary that they were very highly motivated to quit smoking. Following his suggestion just prolonged a process that did not need to be prolonged and the odds are pretty good that if he could get a real understanding of nicotine addiction and pass along more productive advice he would in fact be able to get a lot more of his highly motivated patients to succeed.

I am going to attach a few links below that would be good to read and give some insights on materials that if understood can give you ideas that you can pass along to any physician in a manner that will not alienate them. I think it is important to reach all doctors with the information we have made available at www.whyquit.com for they are daily working with people who need to quit and who are looking to their doctors for help. Every doctor reached has the potential of helping hundreds or thousands of patients over his or her career.

Is cold turkey the only way to quit? (While it talks a lot about NRT, it also explains the issue of people succeeding with alternative methods.

Conventional quitting wisdom
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Another example of how people end up fooling themselves into thinking that they are making quitting easier.

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I just had an email from a person that made me realize I need to alter this one a little. I based it on comments I used to say early on in my lecturing days. In the second to last paragraph I wrote:
"Quitting cold turkey may be hard but quitting by this withdrawal technique is virtually impossible."
That really should have read "close to impossible" instead of "virtually impossible." I actually addressed this a couple of years ago in the article Is cold turkey the only way to quit?, where it says:
"There are people who have quit using alternative approaches. There are some who cut down gradually and actually succeeded at quitting. For every person who did it like this and succeeded, there are many many many many others who tried it and failed. The individual who used the method will think it is great because it worked for him or her, but since it works for so few people it will generally be recognized as a pretty ineffective technique by most people who do "real world" research into how to quit."
I will try to get this adjusted in all future renditions of the article and future versions of the PDF book.

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I just put a comment into a thread where a new member wanted to know what he or she should do with left over cigarettes. I wrote in that string that I always advise people to instantly destroy the cigarettes or quickly give them to someone they really don't like. The second comment is said kind of tongue in cheek. Here is another post where I discuss the comment of sharing informational "help" on quitting to someone you really don't like.

As the article above says...

"Hopefully there is no one you despise that much to do this to them. I hope nobody despises themselves enough to do this to themselves. "

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This is the article that I first read when I stumbled upon www.whyquit.com .

I'd had no idea why cutting down hadn't worked and I'd had no idea that I was physically addicted to nicotine.

A "nicotine fit" was not just a cute way to say that I needed a cigarette/nicotine.

Saying "I'm addicted" to my daughter when she wondered why I kept smoking, all of a sudden became REAL, no longer just words. It was true, I was addicted.

And the light bulb turned on and I learned that quitting was something that I could actually do.

The BEST part was finding out from oldbies that I would not always miss and crave nicotine. Withdrawal is temporary. Adjusting is temporary.

Hang in there, and learn all you can about nicotine addiction.

It gets better and better and better. Truly.

The day will come when you can just live your life.

Never take another puff, dip or chew. No nicotine today, just one day at a time.

Four years, three months, three weeks, three days, 17 hours, 26 minutes and 6 seconds. 37817 cigarettes not smoked, saving $7,563.29. Life saved: 18 weeks, 5 days, 7 hours, 25 minutes.

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If nicotine in any form regardless the source is in us, then we are not truly free.

Nicotine clean and free. That's the way to Truly LIVE!