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Pros and Cons

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At six months, the pros of not smoking are really starting to mount up. All the usual-- feeling better, smelling better, etc. are certainly there. Last night, wife and I went to a class about 45 minutes away. Didn't even think about smoking on the trip over, would usually have had at least two. Sat thru the two-and-a-half hour class and not once thought about smoking.

I actually sat there wondering what was different--I was interested, paid attention to the course material, really got something out of the class, all very unusual for me. Typically I would have been nervous the entire time, not even listening, really wasting my time. It never occurred to me that I wasn't even thinking about smoking.

All that is the somewhat boring, nothing going on, no crisis report of what it's like at six months. I tell this because newcomers here sometimes have trouble relating to John and Linda and Marty and the others in multi-year quits as being "out there" somewhere and having forgotten what it was really like. Maybe six months is close enough to where they are to relate. Six months isn't that long and the comfort is real, the struggles are low.

Now for the bad news. I finally found a con to not smoking. Uh huh, that's right. I'm going to digress just a little. Now for you New York types this may not make a lot of sense, but try to imagine. On the way home last night we smelled a skunk that had been recently removed from this life by a vehicle. If you've never smelled fresh roadkill of the skunk persuasion, well you just haven't lived.

Now, the aroma of skunk permeating a vehicle in our part of the country is not a new experience by any means. But the pungence of the smell to my six months off smoking nose that can smell better than in the last 27 years was a less than welcome addition to my list of changes since quitting.

But that's not all. I found another con. For years I have know that the way to get rid of a skunk smell in the car is to light a Zippo lighter and let it burn for just a few seconds. Works every time. Wait a minute, you're way ahead of me. Last night, the first time all evening I had even thought about smoking was when I reached for my lighter to get rid of the skunk smell. Very casually, I withdrew my hand from my pocket, hoping wife hadn't noticed. I am usually very subtle :-) in those types of situations, but not last night. She just chuckled and said "You don't do that any more, remember?"

I still count it as a victory, but last night it was a somewhat "tainted" one.


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Hello Dave:

Yes the saying that everything smells and tastes better when you quit smoking just isn't true--everything smells and tastes more accurate when you quit smoking. Many things may smell and taste better, but at the same time many things can smell and taste much worse after quitting too.

By the way, we have skunks in the Chicagoland area and I suspect most New Yorkers have experienced the sensation too. Other "good" sites to test out how your new good sense of smell can be a bad thing would be land fills and sewage treatment plants. While smoking may have made these experiences less miserable before--a clothes pin could take care of it now.

Sure you may look silly with a clothes pin on your nose, but you only would have to use the clothes pin while in the vicinity of the plant, where everyone seeing you might laugh but know that what you are doing makes sense for the particular environment you are in. Smoking to dull your sense of smell dulls it all of the time, and looks silly too to other people--but it is a different kind of silly. It is not silly in a humorous sense that can make others smile and happy. There is nothing funny about a product that addicts and kills its users.

So turn your con into a pro too. Your senses are improved and there are alternative methods to control the nasty aromas. Also know that you are not smelling like a smoker anymore. Even skunks are probaly not offended by other skunks, ex-smokers and never smokers are often put off by the aroma that permeates smokers. To be a sweeter smelling Dave who sometimes doesn't smell sweet things around him always remember all of the pros that make you stick to your commitment to never take another puff!


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One mans trash is definately another mans treasure. I am not even slightly exagerating when I say that both me & my wife LOVE the smell of skunk.

We can be night & day (my wife and I ) but one of a handful of "we were made for each other" type revelations is our LOVE OF SKUNK ! Its crazy, if we are driving and run upon the smell (very common all summer) a smile as simple as a chemical reaction comes over our faces!! We have a plant grows big every spring called "skunk cabbage" in our local woods'. I see it every day on my dog walk (before he died). I made a spring bouquet of it and arranged it on the dining room table for my wife and she loved it (it really does have an uncanney resemblence to skunk)

Anyway, yes this non-smoking nose enjoys that and many other aromas much better than it did while smoking.

Thanks very much for your report from "up ahead" Hillbilly. It is a good and useful vantage point. Its like hearing from your older brother about life - rather than from your parents whom part of you simply will never believe : ) ....... sort of : )

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On the up side Hillbilly, at least you weren't forced to roll down your window so's you could have a smoke....although I know the stank can get into your car anyway (out here in PA we get lots of fresh road killImage)...and Riverdog...well, I guess bein a dog may have somethin to do with your penchant for Pepe le Pew..... anyway, made me smile. Thanks! Image
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Gee, Dave, I was going to recommend that we just get the skunks to take up smoking. That way, they would go extinct, not us.

But then Joel mentioned landfills and sewage treatment plants....trying to work those in.......

I had a similar experience last summer at the intermission of a theatre performance. I suddenly realized I was still in the audience, talking to my family, quite comfortably, about the play. What's different about that picture???? Any smoker or ex-smoker would know!

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Imageas usual.

Image, sarah (smelling better for 3 Months 2 Weeks 4 Days 1 Hour 5 Minutes 17 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 2200. Money saved: $468.79).

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Hey Hillbilly:

I hit my six months tomorrow and I know what you mean about a skunk. I live in New York myself and have smelling a lot of skunks lately. Maybe this is the time of year for skunks? However, my smell is also very touchy these days and I also use to light up a cigarette when smelling a skunk when I was driving in the car. Sometimes it seemed like the smell lasted for miles.. now I don't know what to do about it except for bear it and hope that my air freshner in the car is stong enough to get rid of it... But it's a lethel smell and nothing except for a smoke really made it go away. But I guess we have to figure out other ways these days....


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Ohhhhh Judy...I thought you were lookin a little silver around the edges....can't wait for your party! ImageLotus

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I love the smell of skunk too...especially skunk cabbage. I remember bringing a lot home once asking my mother to cook it (back in those innocent days before I smoked).

Speaking of youth, quitting smoking feels very much like getting in touch with the child in me. It's astonishing how much the addiction of smoking obliterates youth. I'm remembering smells...through scent alone, I retrieved a memory of a certain flower that I had woven into a crown for a friend when I was about 8. Other memories return, other sensations are rediscovered...oh the joy of not smoking!

But back to the need to try the Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans from the Harry Potter books. Yes...vomit DOES taste like vomit! Image

Thank you for the post, Dave.

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Image Peeeee Ewwwww!! Funny story Hillbilly, especially reaching for the abScent zippo! Hehe.

Sincerely, gena