Problems with acne???

Problems with acne???

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I was just wondering if anyone else suffers from acne since their quit began. I have had the occasional pimple but since giving up I feel like a teenage kid. (and I didn't suffer from acne then!!!!)
The other thing was, who can tell me how nicotine use masks other problems and what kind of problems can they be?

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Hi Sharpsper!
I just wanted to let you know, you're not alone with the zit fest! I had a break-out session early in my quit, too. It did go away in about a week, though. I can't give a medical reason for it, but I attributed it to toxins working their way out. I also tried to make sure that I wasn't touching my face out of stress, because that makes me break out sometimes even now!
As for other stuff, I think there's some great threads up for you now, and if you have something specific to ask about, be specific! We're here for you!
You're doing great!!!
It will get better and better and easier and easier - hang in there!

Wishing you another smoke-free day! And hopefully soon, a zit-free one, too!

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I am so glad I saw this post! I am just over 4 months into my quit. About a month ago, I noticed small pimples all over my torso, almost rash like. It lasted about two weeks and then went away. Not too bad right? Well last week, I started breaking out all over my face. Not just those little annoying zits that still come now and again as an adult, but the monster, oh yeah, I am back in 10th grade all over again pimples.

I hope this doesn;t last too much longer. I've used so much acne medication that my face is cracking from being so dried out.

What happened to the body completing adjustments after 3 months?

You know, while I feel a lot younger after quitting, I don't need the acne to make me look a lot younger!

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I recently posted about a trip to the dermatologist. My skin has never been "great" but not really "bad" since I was a teen. Anyways it was my general internist pushing me to the derm following an annual physical. Needless to say I'm in a weird position (for sex, skin type, age) to have a condition called rosacea. Depending on your status of health insurance I would highly recomend an appointment with a dermatologist.

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Giving and getting medical advice online
Symptoms - are they related to quitting - a rule of thumb
Time-table for health recovery and risk reduction
When do the symptoms of withdrawal end?

Hi Terri,

Congratulations on that fabulous quit of yours! You are a Glory Week Graduate! You are also still "detoxing". Important rule of thumb is that if any symptom lasts, you should see your doctor. I don't know specifically about the skin business but do use that rule of thumb. Skin issues could be for so many reasons. We have a habit of blaming everything on quitting in the beginning too. It might be the detox process; it might be something else. Anyway, give yourself the time to heal. Make sure you don't use something like pimples as an excuse to relapse and consequently cut your life short by an average of 15 years. Good idea to ask here first if you have any questions like you did today. You are doing the very best thing you can for your health. Congratulations! And Way to Go!

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Hi there, I know this is an older post, but I wanted to chime in here...

I'v been experiencing a major "coming out" of acne, and also seemingly unrelated breast sensitivity and swelling. SO I went to see my obgyn about the latter problem, mentioned the acne, and of course bragged about my quit :-) !

So I had to ask her if those symptoms might be smoking related, and she talked to me about how cigarette smoking suppresses estrogen in both sexes. The result for women can be a thinning of the epiderm, early menopause, fertility issues, etc.

While she didn't say "yes, quitting smoking is categorically responsible for your acne and breast issues", she said it could certainly be an explanation - my hormone levels were getting back on even keel. In any case, I did see the doctor and was examined and everything checked out fine. Since then, I've read quite a bit on the subject on the internet, and have a much better understanding of what nicotine and cigarettes do to hormone levels.

And it ain't pretty!