Please 1 reason

Please 1 reason

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Hello fellow quiters,

Can anyone give me one reason why after 57 days I want to smoke? Not just one, not just aaahhh. I want to be a smoker. For 3 days this is going on. I will not smoke, no emergency, just why is this going on? Lord I can't understand. But I know I'm not alone. There are people out there who have gone through this before me. It can't be THAT bad since I won't smoke through sheer education and no other reason but why am I obsessing? I am SO boring myself and wasting the last 72 hours of the life I earned back by wanting wanting wanting some of that nicotine pulsing it's way through my system and getting in my brain and doing its voodoo. I just want to know why I have to waste a perfectly good manicure (chewing nails) to something so worthless and time consuming. O.K. better.

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I have the one answer you are looking for. It may not be the one that answers your question in depth but it is the logical reason. OK, here goes.


If you have been battling this for the last three days you need to look back and analyze what, if anything, has changed. Is there anything that could be the underlying cause to this fixation? Arguement with spouse or partner? Hard time with the children? Feeling indifferent or perhaps you feel you don't fit in anymore? Try to do some searching within.

I would also suggest you revisit the reasons in the first place you decided to quit. I am sure after over 57 days of education you just may be able to add a few more reasons and perhaps some of why you want to remain quit and in contrl of your addiction. Perhaps some extra reading time is needed.

I see you are close to a milestone. For me, as I approached a milestone, I would get triggers and craves or have a smoking dream. I think this was brought on by anticipating that milestone.

Perhaps there is no answer to your question. We learn each quit is different and tosses different challenges to each of us. maybe you need to answer the following question.

Am I still trying to quit or have I made the decision to be quit and move along with my life? Try reading O'Bob's thread along with a couple others.

Turning the corner - acceptance

Fixating on a cigarette

Actions speak louder than words - or thought

Sometimes it is just a matter of having a little Patience while allowing some time to pass. You have fed your addiciton longer than you have tried to control it.

I am needing to go meet my daughter and have to run. I am sure others may drop in and offer advice also. I hope some of the suggestions do help a bit. I will check back later this evening.

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Hi Debra,

What Roger said is what I say: You are a drug addict.
You have been free of nicotine for 57 days but the junkie is speaking to you loud and clear. If you want to be a smoker that is easy to accomplish, just take a puff.
If you want to keep your quit and find comfort as an ex-smoker then you need to put time into your education.
It is said here over and over again: read and read and read. It is for a makes the difference!!!
Your brain needs information in order to override and overrule junkie thinking.
It takes time and dedication.
Eventually you are going to feel fine! Hunker down and get through it.
You can do it...stop allowing yourself to romanticize smoking...READ.


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Thanks for your help y'all. I will be hunkering down, I don't care how low I go I won't smoke. It just feels SO bad to be feeling SO bad this far into my quit. Patience, reading, forgiveness. You're right, there isn't an answer we're all bizarre in our own special ways, it's why Freedom works so well for us someone out there can touch us when and where we need it. We are not alone ever here.

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Hello Debra:

I am glad the help you received from Sal and Roger got you to hunkering down in your resolve not to smoke. I am going to attach a few links here that I also think you should read. At this point in time I think you need to be cautious as to writing off all negative feelings you are having to the fact that you quit smoking 57 days ago. There may be something else going on that you should be exploring with your doctor now. Read the strings Normal depressive reaction or a real organic depressive episode and Life goes on without smoking. Other good strings to read would be:

"I think I have decided to go back to smoking"

"I made a conscious decision to smoke"

"Boy, do I miss smoking!"

Normal depressive reaction or a real organic depressive episode

"Please don't smoke."

Smoker's vow

Once again Debra, if you cannot identify other things going on in your life making you feel this bad or empty other than the fact that you quit smoking, you need to be talking to your doctor to determine of you are indeed dealing with some sort of organic based depression. Although from what you are saying here, even if you come up with reasons that may identify what is causing you to feel so low, you still should be talking to your doctor to see if he or she feels that medical intervention may be warranted.