Our 2011 New Year's Resolution Quitting Message

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Freedom from nicotine is incredible. So incredibly free! i've gained more hours to my day and definately more money in my pocket. i can climb stairs & hills without huffing and puffing. i haven't had one cold (!) since i quit. i don't miss out on good conversation any more (because i don't have to run out for a smoke on the back porch in the rain). and i feel back in control. i had no idea how much nicotine was in control until i stopped. education is the key.....i read here for days and days before setting a quit date. and then i kept reading....thru the balmy, wacky first weeks of withdrawal, and then thru the days and weeks and months that have followed. i taped affirmations up all over my apartment....i congratulated myself at the end of each day as a former smoker. it was hard. and i did it. i did with with the support of everyone at Freedom.....those who came before me and those who are coming along behind me. there's a lot of power here....and all you have to remember is NTAP. kris at 7months26days

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We live in a cynical world. A world where simple good intent is often see through suspicious eyes. A world of "instant everything". A world where we are conditioned to believe that (a) if someone tells you that something's good for you, that you must suspect their motives, (b) if someone offers you something good for free, then please - there must be a catch somewhere, (c) that nicotine cessation is some mystical impossibly high mountain to climb, (d) that quitting nicotine successfully must involve the use of pharmacological (NRT) support or some new age therapy that involves people sticking needles into your body or hypnotizing you off into la-la land.

But the truth - as they say - is out there. Where is that? Right here - at Why Quit and at these Freedom message boards. No wheels inside wheels. No hidden agendas. No incomprehensible gibberish. Just the pure, unadulterated truth about this insidiuous addiction delivered in a language and format that will have you - like many thousands of others - shaking your head in amazement.

The premise is ridiculously simple. We'll (Why Quit / Freedom) teach you everything there is to know about nicotine addiction. We'll teach you about quitting cold turkey. We'll show you the best way to maximize your chances to stay quit. And along the way, we'll inspire, motivate and support your quit through continuous education, reinforcement and rock solid support from your Freedom quit brothers and sisters. And for all this, we ask not for your money. Nor your time. All we ask is that you use all these awesome resources in order to stay true and committed to your own quit. How's that for an all round great deal?

Quitting nicotine cold turkey is possible. It is do-able. It is simple. The many thousands of Members at these Freedom boards is all the proof that this pudding will ever require. Whether a member of Freedom or not, know that all of WhyQuit.Com , each of Freedom's 22 Message Boards , all of Joel's Library and Joel's Videos , and the ability to ask questions at are available to you to aid and assist your recovery.

Good health back in your body. Money back in your pocket. A revitalized "can do" spirit back into your soul. The loss of your smoker pariah status. Self esteem and self respect off the charts. A substantially improved quantity and quality of life. Still thinking? C'mon, it's a no brainer. Isn't it high time that you made the cyber acquaintance of Joel Spitzer and John Polito? Nicotine addiction stories always end badly. You now have the power to positively affect how your story will end.

Robin - I saw the light 1 year and 6 months ago.
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The New Year is fast approaching and of course you are once again thinking this WILL be the year. You are going to quit smoking!

It does not matter that you have had this same thought year after year for how long now? This year you have mustered the strength of will to finally quit!! Stronger or Smarter?
Actually, my guess is that unless you do something different, you will probably fail again. After all the odds are heavily stacked against you. Only one in twenty of you will succeed if you quit cold turkey and the chance of success using nicotine replacements or miracle drugs is even worse. Please make a note to yourself that 93% of all sucessful quitters have done so by going cold turkey and that there are millions of us.

Just in case you might be interested I just happen to know of a method with an astonishing success rate of approximately 40% on the first try!!!

Educated Cold Turkey abrupt cessation of nicotine ingestion. That is right I said Educated Cold Turkey and you will find everything you need to know at www.whyquit.com.

Give it a try. It will not cost you a thing! You just might find yourself nicotine Free in a very short period of time and if you do I am certain you will like it.

Denny B - Albany NY - After 38 years - Free and Healing for One Year, Eight Months, Twenty One Days, 630 days, 76 Days and 15 Hours of my time has not been wasted (based on 5 minutes per cigarette), 22078 nicotine death sticks not choked down and $5,665.18 not donated to the manufacturers of this poison.

Attitude is everything, keep it positive, move forward and live life to its fullest. NTAP!
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In just a little over two weeks, I will have been nicotine-free for ONE YEAR! Over these past 11+ months, smokers I know have said, "Oh, I wish I could quit! How did you do it?" I always say the same thing: "The way to quit smoking is to simply quit smoking." In other words, don't put any more cigarettes in your mouth and light them.

It's actually a pretty simple strategy. As long as you NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF (NTAP), you will remain nicotine-free!! Is simple the same as easy? No. Some moments are more challenging than others but that's where the support from this site comes in. There are recovering nicotine addicts from all over the world on this board 24 hours a day, seven days a week and help and support are always only moments away if you need it! Other times, simply reading others' messages can be enough to curb a craving or get you through a rough patch.

I am 43 years old and smoked since age 13. This is not my first quit but it is by far my longest and I honestly believe that it is my last! I simply do not identify as a smoker any longer! Imagine yourself saying that next year? Wouldn't that be great?

If I can do it, you can do it! It's hard to believe that at this time last year, I was dreading January 1 because I promised my husband that we'd quit on that day! Well, I honored that promise (okay it took me until January 2nd) and now here I am almost a year later already, eagerly waiting to celebrate my first year of freedom!

Remember, NTAP your way into the New Year and into a brand new life! Use the education and support available here and you WILL succeed and be writing your own New Year's Message in 2009!!


11+ months

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Question: What is so high you cannot go over it, so wide you cannot go around it, so low you cannot go under it?

Answer: a door

If you are reading these messages, you are either an active addict who wants to stop, or a non active addict who is seeking assistance in maintaining your quit.

My advise: Read this site for the education it will provide concerning our addiction.
Heed the advise freely given at freedom.com and Succeed in never taking another puff.

I know it may seem simple, it is. The only thing necessary to join the thousands of non smokers here is to never take another puff.

Understand the Law of Addiction, there is no way over it, around it or under it.
Make the acknowledgement of addiction and commitment to yourself, you can't stay clean for another person.
Follow the advise, it works. All of the articles and tapes by Joel and others here are from experience.

Regards and Best Wishes for your Quit

Randy, from Texas
Free At Last, after 32+years of feeding the addiction 40+times a day

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I was a smoker for 32 years until late July 2007. I never thought I could quit, but I did. How was that possible?

From my own experience I know that education is the key. I made sure I was in the right state of readiness before I smoked my last cigarette - I didn't feel any regret as I stubbed it out it was just 'Ok, now I'm gonna get on with being an ex-smoker'. That was after, I think, 11 days of reading and cleansing myself of all the brainwashing, ridding myself of all the illusions I had been enthralled by for 32 years:

a)That smoking relaxed me

b)That it helped me to concentrate

and worst of all...

c)That I enjoyed it

All these 'reasons' were lies and, once I had understood that and once I had understood the Law of Addiction and knew to 'Never Take Another Puff', my quit was under way.

Because I knew I was not giving anything up, the withdrawal symptoms were much milder than any I had experienced before.

It felt a bit like cutting off a 'lifeline' and I was a bit 'wobbly'for a few days, but reading on this site and re-inforcing my education kept me strong.

The simple truth was that I needed to smoke - I wasn't choosing to do so, I was a slave to nicotine, an addict.

Now at last I am free and can choose whether to smoke or not and, of course, I choose not to.

There is masses of educational material on this site which will open your eyes, there are hundreds of ex-smokers on this board who are willing to lend their support. You too can do it!

The more educated you are about nicotine addiction, the greater are your chances of quitting and, you will stay nicotine free as long as you remember to never take another puff!!

Sean - completely free of nicotine for Four months, two weeks, six days, 55 minutes and 8 seconds. 4291 cigarettes not smoked, saving £221.77. Life saved: 2 weeks, 21 hours, 35 minutes.

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Is 2008 the year you make the best decision of your life?

Most smokers want to quit! In all honesty who really wants to be a slave to a 'friend' like nicotine? My Cigarette, My Friend?
This can be the year that you do quit and stay quit!
Everything you need for a successful quit is right here! Please read as much as you can, education is the key to unlock the door that is chemical addiction!
Katy South Australia - Through education I have been Free and Healing for Six Months, Six Days, 4 Hours and 3 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 23 Days and 15 Hours, by avoiding the use of 6810 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $2,594.33.

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I often ask myself why did I wait so long to quit this deadly addiction? I had the desire to quit for the past 20 or so years, so that's not the reason. I knew I was a slave to nicotine not even able to utter the lie" I smoke because I enjoy it. So that's not the reason. The reason is quit simple it just took a long time for me to find it. That reason is knowledge and as far as nicotine addiction is concerned knowledge is power. I found this website and was educated beyond any of the junkie lies that I had been telling myself. I found out that quitting nicotine in any form is not a sentance it is a freedom, a freedom that I had all along but was too ignorant to pursue. If your reading this you too are ready to unlock your freedom from nicotine. It really is so doable. I am not stronger than nicotine, but I am way smarter.

Scott 9 months + free from nicotine and loving every minute.

John (Gold)
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Welcome to Freedom!
We're glad you found us! This is the Internet's only quitting site where nicotine has no voice - none, zero. By that I mean each new member admitted to the group must be nicotine free, and in order to retain group posting privileges they must remain 100% nicotine free, as any relapse at all, even one puff, permanently forfeits group posting privileges. But why?
Well, drug addiction is about living a lie. It's about the brain's priorities teacher, our dopamine pathways, having been taken hostage by an external chemical. It's about those captive pathways innocently doing their designed function, in falsely teaching us that smoking or chewing nicotine is one of the most important activities in life, akin to accomplishment, eating, drinking water, nurturing, bonding and reproduction.

Why can't you starve yourself to death? What part of your brain rewards you with "aaah" sensations when you think about food and even a bigger "aaah" when you eat, and then punishes you with urges and craves when you go too long without eating? The natural insecticide nicotine so resembles the acetylcholine molecule in shape that, by chance, once inside your brain it fits acetylcholine receptor locks that have now forced you to see nicotine as being as important as food.
Those nicotine captive pathways long ago totally buried  nearly all remaining memory of the real you. They've trained you to believe that smoking nicotine defines who you are, gives you your edge, helps you cope and survive and that life without it will be horrible.

Until we are out from under nicotine's immediate influence, our rational, thinking brain has little choice but to invent excuses for complying with the endless stream of urges flowing from our inner limbic brain. We each lived the lies for years. We figure that there needs to be at least one place on planet earth where nicotine has no voice, where the lies actually stop. You've found it. Welcome to Freedom!

Here you'll learn how nicotine dependency makes life more stressful not less, how it's hard work being an actively feeding addict. The lessons are varied and many, including overcoming billions spent by the tobacco industry in brainwashing you to believe that you smoke for flavor and taste. Taste? You'll soon awaken to the realization that there are zero taste buds inside human lungs.

Your greatest recovery weapon of all is your intelligence, your now addicted mind. Although knowledge is a powerful quitting tool, the lies grow so vast and consuming that it is rather rare when the enslaved mind both stumbles upon a meaningful opportunity to learn about nicotine dependency recovery, and is receptive to doing so. Usually more lies get in the way.

We do hope you'll visit us often as knowledge truly is power. One more thing about Freedom. Please note that this forum is run like a real recovery support group, which means that the number of new members admitted to the group each day is limited by our group's ability to support them.
Each January we receive far more applications for membership than we can possibly support. If at capacity and your application isn't accepted don't get discouraged as Freedom's windows are wide open and you have complete access to all posts that members see. If you have questions, don't hesitate to submit them to either Freedom's managers at [url=mailto:managers@whyquit.com]managers@whyquit.com[/url] or to our resident expert and education director Joel Spitzer at [url=mailto:AskJoel@WhyQuit.com]AskJoel@WhyQuit.com[/url]
While here, be sure and explore www.WhyQuit.com, spending quality reading and viewing time inside Joel's Library
Breathe deep, hug hard, live long,

John (Gold x8)
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A New Year's Invitation to 
Freedom from Nicotine
Welcome to Freedom!  We're glad you found us.  As you may know, New Year's Day is by far the biggest quitting day of the entire year.  Each year at this time our members reach out to invite those hooked on nicotine to ponder the possibility that 2010 might just be their year to at last taste freedom.  They know it won't be easy to connect but they give it their best effort.

The past four years we've used  Freedom member submissions to build a "brutal honesty" theme page sharing the slim annual odds of figuring things out on your own, together with the keys to lasting freedom.   
This is the link to the WhyQuit page where New Year's messages have been shared since December 2004 and that will again be used this year:


Although it is an old page, in that it has a rather high ranking in most search engines  we'd be insane not to update and use it again.   If you are a visitor, we invite you to explore Freedom and WhyQuit (www.WhyQuit.com) and discover the power of knowledge, understanding and highly focused support. 

If a posting member here at Freedom, please consider sharing your message with 2011 New Year's quitters.   Your below message will be added a
nd shared on the above page at
www.WhyQuit.com .    If a non-posting regular you can e-mail us your message at [url=mailto:managers@whyquit.com]managers@whyquit.com[/url] .

This really is a great opportunity to attempt to reach out and connect with our brothers and sisters still in bondage.  
Please include the name you'd like used and the city and/or nation in which you reside.  Doing so increases the odds that you'll connect with someone in your nation or region.

Please note that although readership here at Freedom is historically low during mid-December, it is tremendously high on New Year's Day.  By January 3rd or 4th it isn't unusual for us not to have room for all who will apply for posting privileges.  Experience has taught us that when too many new quitters are admitted that meaningful learning ceases and chaos develops, as the number of new arrivals seeking support out-strip the forum's ability to provide it.  Believe me, there's no worse feeling than seeing scores of new member posts with almost no replies, as the nearly dead fingers of the forum's golden givers can no longer keep pace.  

The flood of applications usually begin arriving at 72 hours - Jan. 3 & 4th.  In sharing your message please try not to focus too much on elevating the need or fostering a desire to post at Freedom's messageboards as being central to successful recovery.  Instead picture Freedom's classroom windows thrown wide open with hundreds or even thousands of new arrivals looking in.   Together we can and are making a difference!

Breathe deep, hug hard, live long Freedom! 

John (Gold x11)
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