Our 2011 New Year's Resolution Quitting Message

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January 3rd, 2011, 1:40 am #111

Thank you Kim, John, Joe, Katie, Wendy & Randy, I have added links to your New Year's message to WhyQuit's "Your 2011 New Year's Quit Smoking Resolutionpage, which is getting significant viewer traffic.  If any other member has message to share with those who dream of being able to join you, please post it to this thread and we'll get it up.

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My name is Terri, I am 41 and from NC. I smoked, with the exception of my pregnancies and a brief 9 months, 5 years ago - since I was 14. I believe it is around 24 years total. I quit September 5th 2010.

I quit smoking after I heard my sister was quitting and my other sister and Mother were going to quit in 3 days. I had zero intentions on quitting but got sick and did not smoke for a day. The next day I let go by too. The third I was in my Jeep in the way to work and at the gas station, after 12 miles of internal dabate, I decided to throw them away and call it quits. I threw out 7 packs and decided I was done. A few days later I was calling my doctor for Chantix. The pharmacy told me it would be $130 and I told them to keep them. I went online and found why quit!!!!! Hooray and thank GOD! I am a cold turkey quitter, I am proud to be a member here and I want you to know that there is nothing life can throw at me that I have not been prepared to handle. I still must choose my actions but I am not deceived by the lies of the nicotine industry or the addict's thought processes. I realize I never gave up anything of value but instead broke the chains of addiction, bondage and took control of my life. I find joy in my quit everyday, every week and will continue to do so. I am living in a manner I never thought possible. I am stronger than I ever thought I was and life is better than it has been in so very long.

So, I will name a few benefits I gained when I quit:
I am not hurting myself any longer - that burden is gone.
I have so much more time to get things done.
I am not alone, outside smoking hours a day.
I never miss a thing because I have to go smoke.
I save money.
I never have to be concerned with running out of cigarettes
My teeth are whiter.
I have more energy.
My Jeep does not smell.
I don't have to do the mint or gum thing all day.
I have learned to deal with upset, anger and other challenges without a crutch.
I smell good - pretty important now that I realize how HORRIBLE I smelled as a smoker.
I have taken on other activities such as cooking since I don't mind being inside for HOURS now.

Was this all easy, heck no! Was it easy after awhile, oh yeah. Everyone is different but the support here is fantastic. You get from it what you put into it. I put a lot of time into my education to secure my quit. I put a lot of value on it so it was worth it.  But you have time when your give up nicotine. :) Read it already? Read it again! I called it the "retraining of my brain". I truly had to re-program my reactions to triggers and life and it was easy with the words of wisdom I found here. Embrace the knowledge and embrace freedom!!!!!!
I hope to see you soon on this side of the bars!

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The biggest quitting day of the year is now 22 days away.
You are standing on a stage in front of 1,000 smokers
who plan on quitting smoking this New Year's. 
What advice would you give them?  Add your voice!


Breathe deep, hug hard, live long!

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