One year ago today I was fighting the first day!

One year ago today I was fighting the first day!

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For those of you who are reading...and planning to quit for your "new years resolution"...know that you can do anything you put your incredible mind to. I quit on
December 27, 2006. I decided I would not smoke in 2007 and I never have.It was not always easy but it has been so worth it. Having so much to reflect on as I look back at this year, I have such incredible appreciation and gratitude for this community. All of you in your posts, your support and in your sharing your inner feelings have contributed to my being able to cope through this quit. All my friends and family are still amazed. I am so proud. Joel, I owe you my life.
I hope I can encourage any or all of you who come here to read, as I did, that you too can make it through the new year Never Taking Another Puff! I will never again let a substance like nicotine rule my life.

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Welcome to the golden club, it is really not a hard club to join - all you have to do with the inital investment in deposit 72 hours being nicotine free, learn by watching/listening and reading as much as you can at this incredible site applying that knowledge and just live by NTAP....
Your post says to the lurkers and newbies that this is so totally doable, follow the footsteps ahead of you and if you begin to stumble, Put your hand out,someone will grab you stand you up and point you to the right reading matter - remarkable.......
What you have achieved it the taking back of your life, well done - stand tall sign into
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It's so great to see all these golden milestones - welcome to the club - you have done just great. I was watching TV awhile ago and saw a Chantix (sp??) ad that said "if you slip, well, just pick yourself up and start again" or words to that effect. I love the zero tolerance of Freedom - the power is in the moment and if every moment you realize what you will lose for a moment of weakness (not just the support and the buddies but that was a big part for me) well then, it makes it easier to soldier on to the next moment when you feel stronger. You have such a lot to celebrate this season - savour every moment.

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save some chairs up there, sounds like its getting crowded up on deck of the Freedom Ship
since so many of you GOLDIES have reached top side with the +++GOLDIES,
MANY more of us are climbing that rope.....eager to join in....
Star Free & Healing at five and a half....