Once and for all, there is no Nicodemon

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I saw in a post that nicotine was referrred to as the "beast". It is important to see our addiction in true terms. Nicotine is a chemical that we are addicted to. To stay free of it we need to choose to not allow it into our bodies. We have the choice!

Excerpt from Joel's post above:
I think the problems I have with the terms is they make nicotine seem to have more power than it actually does. The personification given to it can make an individual feel that nicotine has the potential of tricking him or her into smoking. An inanimate object such as a chemical has no such power. As John has said often nicotine has an IQ of zero. People do not overcome the grip of chemical addictions by being stronger than the drug but rather by being smarter than the drug.

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No one's "inner junkie" is plotting to get one to smoke. No one's addiction has the ability to plot because addiction is not an entity. Your inner turmoil, the struggle between what you know is best and what your body is calling for because you conditioned it to need nicotine, is often associated with an "inner junkie" or nicodemon but it is niether, it is you.

The sooner you accept the reality of addiction, that you are an addict and that you will always be addicted, the sooner you will begin to take the healing steps towards recovery. Subscribing to the idea that some entity lives within you that you must fight against and destroy is a fairy tale. The reality is a chemical addiction that you must learn to live with. If we all had to fight, we would all be worn out by now. While we may talk to ourselves in the beginning as though we were dealing with another being or enitity to overcome the urge to reach for our nicotine source, it is by recognizing addiction for what it is that keeps us free in the end, else through blame transference we may find an excuse to relapse - The devil made me do it.

I am free by choice and so are you. Celebrate your freedom and take credit for it. If you choose to smoke again you must take credit for that as well and not blame it on any demons. We are free because we decided against one single puff. One puff is all that we must avoid to live free. In the beginning, NOT doing that one thing may seem like a struggle. As time passes, doing that one thing seems unthinkable.

Never take another puff and be free.

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I see that the "Nicodemon" ascription, in one word, is "SUPERSTITION", pure and simple.