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My 1990 article A safer way to smoke ties into John's post above. In order to increase profits, the tobacco industry used to find ways to get smokers to buy more and more of their products, but as more smoking restrictions came into play, they have had to adjust their strategies. Since smokers are finding themselves in greater time periods of not being able to smoke, the industry had to come up with ways to make life more tolerable for smokers facing such restrictions, otherwise their day to day suffering may inspire many smokers to just quit. So in a way they had to reverse their production and promotion techniques to come up with ways to minimize the day to day suffering of chronic withdrawal. Unfortunately, this is likely to allow many smokers to maintain their addiction and eventually much more serious suffering down the line from the host of smoking caused conditions that are likely to develop over the smokers life. 

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What a wonderful post. Really sums up my feelings today. This stood out for me:

"Someone who uses 5mg of heroine a day is just as much an addict as someone who uses 200mg a day."

Thanks for helping me get through this last hour. :)