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Hi Kay~ What a great post. It sure seems to have been written with a lot of wisdom. It makes so much sense and I thank you for sharing it with us. Take care.
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Wow, what an inspiring post!! Thank you, Kay!!

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What a great post! You must have been reading my mind. I was just at a party this past weekend with people I haven't seen in awhile and didn't know I quit. The one woman ask me if I wanted to go outside for a tempting~! I told her I quit and she said well I don't smoke much anyway...only a half pack a day (like me)
That almost made me justify going out to smoke.....but I held strong. Thanks for your reminds me that an addict is an addict.

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Nice voice, style, and organization, Kay! What really counts, though, is the level of thought in your post--very insightful. Your post is also challenging in an extremely positive way, and I want to thank you for making something clear to me. Like you, I "didn't smoke much" during the day. In fact, I smoked perhaps two cigarettes in the morning, one during the work day, three on the way home--and ten to fifteen at night. I honestly thought that I was really ENJOYING my during-the-day cigarettes and it never occurred to me that I was not enjoying the drug but rather putting an "end to the torture." Also, like you, I was (and still am, to be frank) amazed at the length and severity of the withdrawal symptoms I've experienced. For a "light smoker" I have had a pretty severe post-cessation cough, have experienced insomnia, have had a tough "Glory Week"--it's hard for me to face the addiction.

So in sum, thank you and bless you.

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For my morning reading I found your post. Wow, If this post didn't feel like a look in the mirror, I don't know what ever would. I have sat in this holier-than-thou "Not much of a smoker" seat for many years and recently have had people reinforce this to me by saying things like "I didn't even know you smoked." or "You didn't smoke much did you." The fact is I did smoke plenty. I suffered through my work day not smoking, waiting to get into the car to smoke on the way home. Interestingly, that smoke never was too good, but the nicotine fix was needed. My evenings were totally designed around smoking, the weekends were usually binge time. Blah, Blah, Blah. I am an addict! not "not much of a smoker." Thank you for your wonderful post. I am so grateful and humble to finally be free and apologize for my arrogance.


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Kay, I read your posts in support for others regularly but today, with this post coming to the top, I now feel like I know you. What a wonderful post to read and help us all guard against complacency. Ahh, faded love...
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I think this post is destined to become one of the 'Classics' at Freedom; referred to and linked up again and again and again.

It is thoughtful, insightful, well organized, straightforward and no-nonsense. It also hits home, because I smoked less than a pack a day, making me "not much of smoker." The irony is that in most of the circles I frequented, family, friends and work, I was the ONLY smoker. If ever anyone needed a match, I was the first person they'd go looking for!! So although I was 'not much of a smoker' in my mind, to almost everyone else I know I might as well have been "the smokiest smoker in the world."

As a corollary to this item, I'm inspired to write "That one didn't count", about the cigarettes that didn't count because they weren't finished, weren't inhaled deeply enough or came before or after an exercise session. Image

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...saw a post today that reminded me of this thread.
Just look at Kay now! For "not much of a smoker" back in her other days, she's one heck of a GOLDen Oldbie these days!
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I remember reading this once before. Your message undoubtedly strikes a chord for each and every one of us. Your essay has a new and special meaning for me now. Here's why.
I recently got together with a cousin for the first time in about 8 years. Like you she is smart, strong, and very intelligent. We've known each other since we were children. We correspond regularly but distance and living our own hectic lives has kept us apart. Anyway, suffice to say that your insightful observations and admissions have provided me with hopefully the right message to help my cousin understand what a 'controlled secret habitual compulsion for cigarettes' really is. I know it's a long shot but one I feel compelled to take. I know that this place can assist in making miracles come true, one happened for me 71 days ago.
Thanks Kay!
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I have to say -- this post is inspiring.
I wasn't much of a smoker, either, when it all came down. Even my doctor said -- Oh, heck, only that many? Just quit. He made it sound like a snap (and he'd even been a smoker, years ago... apparently he forgot, or never understood the addiction)
No one understood how difficult the concept of quitting really was. Least of all, me. I'd been justifying my "little habit" for years and years... as just that. A little habit.
Even now, having quit, I still describe my habit to non-smoking friends as a "minor habit". I've GOT TO STOP THAT!! And this post reinforces why.
Yeah -- I'm ashamed.
Yeah -- there are a lot of people who never knew I smoked.
But that's why I've started telling everyone. Today I told two people that I quit -- two people who never knew I smoked. Sure, it's changed their impressions of me. But it also forced me to face up to something that I've been in denial about for years. Now I'm being honest. Now it's out there on the table. And now I have to STAY QUIT!!

I wish it was just a nasty little habit

I've made it 11 days, 14 hours, 57 minutes, 31 seconds. That translates into 139 cigarettes NOT smoked!!
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