None or All. Why I choose none Parade

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17 Jul 2003, 18:00 #41

Why have you chosen none?
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17 Jul 2003, 20:14 #42

I have chosen none because i no longer want to be a slave to my nicoteen addiction (i was fed up with not doing anything because i was too busy smoking)
now im FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE thanx to freedom and everyone here (aswell obviously as myself)
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17 Jul 2003, 20:35 #43

I choose to smoke none because I want energy. I want motivation. I want enthusiasm about life. I want to be healthy. I want to feel calm. That's why I choose/have chosen NONE.

Way to go everyone.

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17 Jul 2003, 23:40 #44

Just returned from a mid-morning walk. There I am striding along, moving briskly, arms a-swinging, breathing deeply of the fresh sun-drenched air, feeling great. I glance over as a woman walks out of an office building. Before the door closed behind her she had a cigarette in her mouth and was busy lighting it up.
I thought about how that woman did not feel great. She was not relaxed. She was not enjoying the fresh sun-drenched air. She was desperate for a fix. That used to be me.
I choose none today because living without withdrawal every 20-30 minutes is grand and wondrous!
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18 Jul 2003, 07:52 #45

I choose none 0 none 0
because I want to live
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18 Jul 2003, 08:42 #46

Hmmmm... looks like i missed this one the first and second time around. I see you guys have stolen all my reasons for quitting... except one
I chose to smoke none because:
Like the commersial says: Parce que je le mérite - Because I deserve it!

Thanks Bob.

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18 Jul 2003, 10:16 #47

I choose none because:
I enjoy smelling
I enjoy tasting
I enjoy not smelling like smoke
I enjoy the look on my child's face when he says my mom doesn't smoke anymore. (I think he is prouder than me!!)
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18 Jul 2003, 14:54 #48

Hi bob
I choose none because smoking is no longer an option
I choose none because i feel great and if it ain,t broke why fix it
I choose none because even one puff opens the doors of addiction
I choose none because i intend to keep my freedom
I choose none because i am too well educated
i choose none because i am nicotine free and don,t have the desire to feed the need.
Blah blah blah,dabler rambles again.
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19 Jul 2003, 11:46 #49

Wow!! It's been quite awhile since I checked in. Long story short, lost my log in information when my sister used my computer. Suddenly remembered what it was MONTHS after the fact. *LOL*
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02 Aug 2003, 22:38 #50

The thought of never being able to have one of these again may seem a tad depressing at first...
Realizing that you never HAVE TO smoke all of these again on a daily basis should be exhilarating.
To insure that you never need to smoke this way again just to stave off a chronic state of perpetual withdrawal
always remember why you first committed and are still committed to never take another puff!