None or All. Why I choose none Parade

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ImageI choose none because I still remember how I felt smoking all of them. I keep my quitting list very close at hand. I haven't needed it lately. I don't want to wheeze, gag, or smell. It really is getting that easy to never take another puff.
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I can smoke all or I can smoke none.
I choose to smoke none because now I see that I was'nt fully living my life. An addiction like that won't let you. A still smokeing addict would'nt understand what I'm saying, but I know that you all do. Without nicotine I feel more alive, more aware and more confident,
just more here and living in the moment. Not from fix to fix to fix to fix....etc.

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I choose none because ...

... I have discovered a truly wonderful new world, full of joys that I never knew existed, and I never want to give that up again

... I have discovered a new me, different and better than I was before, and I never want to go back to being the old me.

I choose none because ...

... the choice is so obvious, so easy.


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I know this is really long, but this list is part of the one that I originally wrote down on the day I quit. I think it applies to this parade.

The reasons why I quit are very simple: I'm selfish and very scared. I started thinking about all of the little things that we take for granted everyday and I just couldn't bear to contribute the absence of those things any longer. Think of all that you would miss by dying or by being so physically crippled that you couldn't enjoy anything. Sometimes I labor for breath now and think to myself, what's it going to be like in 20 years? I dearly hope that I haven't caused too much permanent damage to myself but I know what's done is done. All I can do is enjoy my life one breath at a time and remember that we only get to do this once so try to love every minute of it. Following are just some of the things that I tell myself I'm giving up if I keep smoking.

Late night walks with my wife and dogs (usually cussing at the dogs)
The hugs that I wish would go on forever
The lost games of kings and the foot rub that follows

The hysterical licking that I get every day when I walk in the door

Movie day

Curling up by the fire with my wife and drinking hot chocolate

Reading books in the bathtub until I look like a living prune

Laughing so hard that my stomach hurts the next day

Sharing a private joke with my wife in a group of people

Looking at any situation and knowing that my wife is probably thinking the same thing as me

People watching

Rubbing my cat until he claws the **** out of me

Chasing my wife like a madman around the house

Las Vegas


Cold mornings snuggled up in bed with my wife

Calling in to work to stay at home with my wife

Window shopping

The feel of a dog sleeping next to you

Being able to run

Knowing that there is a slight chance of becoming buff one day

Butterfly kisses

Finger writing on my back

Head rubs

My wife's corny jokes


Renaissance festivals

Magic tricks

Working with my wife out in the garage

Playing poker

Going to the theatre to see a good movie

Staying in hotel rooms with my wife

Hearing my wife giggle uncontrollably when she's really tired

Hearing a really good piece of gossip

Rolling in soft grass on a warm spring day

Being amazed by a squirrel running on my fence

Going to the zoo with the only woman that appreciates it as much as me

Getting new gadgets

As seen on TV stuff

Starbucks coffee

Ice cream and milk

Peanut butter cookies

My wife babying me when I'm sick

Afternoon naps on a cold day

Hearing my wife sing to our pets

The chance of winning the lottery

Lighting storms

The sound of thunder

Spending all day with my wife walking around and making fun of people

Devlin (120lbs german shepard) rolling on his back like a little puppy

Kuma (my dog) running laps

Home cooked meals

Room service

Swords and knives

Christmas morning

Birthday week


New cars and trucks

Hot tubs


The chance of being on Modern Masters one day

Meeting an alien

Actually seeing bigfoot


Cold wet dog noses waking you up

Seeing the slight grin on my wife's face when someone calls a cougar a cheetah at the zoo

Hearing a baby laugh

Getting excited over TV shows

Chinese rice

My wife

Being able to enjoy retirement


Taking a really hot shower on a real cold morning

Tai Chi outfits

Falling asleep on the couch

Waking up at 5am and realizing that it's Sunday and not Monday


Living in Oregon some day


Playing monopoly for hours

And the list grows every day…

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Great Parade OBob. I choose none simply because I no longer wish to be a slave to nicotine. Sheila
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I choose to smoke none because smoking all is like killing myself.
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I choose NONE! And have since January 1st this year because I realized that despite all my excuses for smoking, cigarettes were killing me, and I had let the demon have control for a very long time....and I finally decided I was stronger than the stupid tobacco and chemicals that I was sucking down my throat hundreds of times a day.
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I can smoke none or I can smoke all of them. I choose to smoke none because I feel and smell so good, clean and alot healthier, thanks Freedom.

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I choose to smoke none because there's nothing like this life, this time, this earth. And I only have this once. I don't want to live a shortened life, enslaved.

That's what I was--a slave to nicotine. By choosing none, I'm free.



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Now that's what I call a List, Blade! I bet your wife is as happy to be married to you as you are to her. Image

All or None, you ask OBob?
That's easy! NONE!

I can smoke none or I can smoke all of them.
I choose to smoke none because... I discovered I could choose!

I've already had all I wanted, then all I thought I had to have, then all that falling nicotine levels mandated I take until I decided to decide for myself. And I've decided no more, none, nada.

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