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Dear quit brothers and sisters,

I choose "NONE" because it's really the easier way to go.  I mean, once you get through the first few days with the physical addiction thing and can make it through the crave/trigger period why wouldn't you just NTAP like me?  It's just easier to NTAP and feel better, look better, smell better, keep more $ in your pocket and not have to worry about the next opportunity to satisfy your addiction.  Besides, now it's really fun not smoking.

Pat (double gold and a bit)

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I choose FREEDOM after SPENDING 45 YEARS in  SMOKING PRISON.......Life is less complicated ......TASTE .....,SMELL,....SELF RESPECT, .....HEALTH,....PRIDE,......ANY MANY MORE ........I CHOOSE!!!!!!! by   N T A P
Best Wishes,

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Pat wrote: Besides, now it's really fun not smoking.
Yes, It's almost cool to be an ex-smoker now. Back in the "in" crowd again. LOL
The intelligent quitter's strategy combines an understanding of the Law of Addiction
with well-protected core motivations.

Nobody ever graduates from Addiction

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MASTERY was it for me. Oh, all the other things factored into quitting--the health concerns, the money that went up in smoke, I'm right there with every one of you on every you've listed. But I hated slavery most of all. And I hated the sense of myself as a disempowered loser who couldn't do the one thing he'd come to want the most. I can't do any serious positive thinking if, puff after puff after puff after puff, I'm telling myself that I can't help myself. But I can, and I have, started thinking positive, empowered thoughts, strengthened by my quiit--when I look in the mirror and see that I've lost my old foe, Cigarette Face.
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I escaped from the prison of smoking on August 14, 2010.  
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