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Marram Gold
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10 Feb 2003, 11:19 #11

I choose to smoke none, because:

  • I was extremely tired of making excuses
  • I was weary from defending myself when I knew I was wrong
  • I was tired of telling people I was going outside (usually in a restaurant, after dinner) to make a phone call so I wouldn't bother them. Yeah, right.
  • I was loathing going outside in BELOW ZERO weather for a cigarette, but still I did it! (forget California, Bob!)
  • I felt such guilt and remorse when my children begged me, for years, to "please quit, Mom".
  • I was tired of nearly missing planes to get past security so I could run outside for a cigarette.
  • I was humiliated when my children gave me a baggie and made me go outside to pick up cigarette butts.
  • I was fearful for my life when I coughed non-stop every day and every night, for years.
  • I was terrified when I went to the Dr for a lump in my throat and he said, "It's caused by a combination of reflux and smoking. If you quit smoking it should go away". IT DID.
  • I was ashamed of myself when my daughters asked me not to wear their coats anywhere so they wouldn't come back smelling like gross smoke.
  • I have empowered myself to live a healthier life.
  • I have had at least 10 people tell me they have never seen me look younger or healthier!! WOW!
  • I am very happy and comfortable with myself and my progress.
  • I smell better-fresher.
  • I am getting to know myself better and liking myself more!
  • I have saved 150 not buying cigarettes, and probably twice that for peripheral goods, i.e. lighters, mints, gum, spray, breath fresheners and such.
  • Not only have I added days and hours to my life, I am not wasting the 2-3 hours I used to waste smoking.
  • I would lose my Freedom privileges; the very reason I am strong and embracing this Quit as none ever before.
  • I get a real high from saying "Non-smoking please", then I give a slight glance of displeasure towards the smoking section. I know the look well. I received them for years.
  • My children are ever so proud of me.

This is a list that never ends; I could go on and on my friends! - But now, it's someone else's turn!

As Dave ( Hillbilly) said last week, "It's easier than it looks".

And as simple as Never Taking Another Puff!

I'm never goinng to make it up till 11pm, but wanted to share this:

at 11 I will be 1 Month, 1 Week, 1 Day and 1000 cigarettes Not Smoked.

Feel like I am # 1!

Thanks Bob, this was a great Sunday "outting"!


More than a Month

Marram Gold
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10 Feb 2003, 11:27 #12

Sorry about the above post. I spent an hour making a very thoughtful list, and then, in a flash, gone....

So I rewrote it in Word, so I could save, cut and pasted to hotmail, and it came out in greek - or some other foreign language yet to be idenified, so then I deleted it and re-wrote, but it still came out with all these strange o's and p's and < > ?

Sorry all, I know it is a hard read... Now, want to know something really scary? I run a whole Company!! (At least we have computer techs there).Image


More than a Month

kate fantastic
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10 Feb 2003, 11:29 #13

I can smoke none or I can smoke all of them. I choose to smoke none because...

I wanted to see what I could do if I were not held back by anything.

So far pretty exciting, I have to say!!!

FREE for 1 Month 1 Day 6 Hours 26 Minutes 30 Seconds. That's 645 cigarettes NOT smoked and $145.21 saved.

Kate Image

PS Parker, I'm going to print out your list and carry it with me! Thank you!

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10 Feb 2003, 11:29 #14

After having smoked for 3/4 of my life I have chosen not to light up for nearly 3 years.

I can smoke none or I can smoke all of them. I choose to smoke none because I now know that believing that I will somehow escape the bad effects of smoking is a self-contrived lie. I have had to admit that I am not any better than anyone I have ever known that got very sick and died from smoking. I know that taking one puff will send me right back into denial. In quitting I hope to be able to take one long final last breath. And maybe I will have an extra day or two before I have to go. And maybe even a dance:)

Big hugs, Joy

~Two years, eight months, six days, 1 hour, 31 minutes and 20 seconds. 19621 cigarettes not smoked, saving $3,139.54. Life saved: 9 weeks, 5 days, 3 hours, 5 minutes~

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10 Feb 2003, 12:52 #15's all or none... I choose none because...

1. I really don't want to kill myself with nicotine.

2. I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired.

3. Now I know I'm an addict and not just someone with really weak character - I can't use that as one of my millions of excuses any more.

4. I hate what smoking does to my appearance (my vanity-based reason).

5. I have been a vegetarian for more than 10 years. I don't drink any more. I don't do drugs. I study martial arts and yoga... Hello! Smoking DOES NOT FIT MY LIFESTYLE!!

6. I live with a bunch of dogs (and a cat) that I rescued from squalor and certain demise. And my smoking filled the house with deadly second-hand smoke... that simply was not fair to them.

7. It isn't fair to my husband either. He never smoked. Yeah, whatever. (Like we're supposed to understand each other right now...)

8. It is great to go to the museum/theatre/gallery/boutique/etc for hours without HAVING to step outside for a fix.

9. This is a big one - I don't cough when I laugh any more! (Oh yeah, that was attractive!)

10. I can use the money I save in just one year to fly to Holland and Ireland to visit my friends and family!


6 days 45 minutes - WOW!!

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10 Feb 2003, 12:55 #16

I can smoke none or I can smoke all of them. I choose to smoke none because...
  • I don't want to waste all that time smoking alone in the garage while my daughter waited for my attention;
  • I'm afraid she might try smoking one day if I keep it up;
  • I don't want to become sick and/or die from a smoking-related illness that I could have avoided had I not smoked;
  • I love not being controlled by my nicotine addiction!

6 months, 1 week

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10 Feb 2003, 22:30 #17

You made my day Thank You. LOL on your clarifying post.

I choose none.... to smoke because with one I would be smoking 2.5 packs by the end of the day. Wondering when will I QUIT again. Starting the whole cycle of addiction all over again and undoubtably dying from NICOTINE is not the route I want to choose. It is fatal to me after what I have educated myself with here at FREEDOM.
With none.... my breathing is better, my cough is gone, I don't stink, I feel much better, I do more things than I have ever done. I'm saving tons of money, the reasons can go on and on.
When I was smoking or using Nicotine I would have never though of all the benifits I could get from not using. It was always the bad so depressing eckkkkkk.
I'm Free

John 11 wks

MusicalMe (GOLD )
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10 Feb 2003, 22:52 #18

All or none...I choose none because

1. I'm diabetic which makes me more susceptible to heart disease.
2. My father died of heart disease at age 53, and I would like to out-live him.
3. I married the love of my life this summer and want to have many, many, many
years with him.
4. I love being able to breathe. I'm a singer...breathing is definitely a plus!
5. I'm tired of trying to have a cigarette without anyone seeing me (it's no fun
being a closet smoker).
6. Have you checked the price of cigarettes lately?!? I've got better things to
waste money on!
7. I hate the smell.
8. I couldn't bear another winter of standing outside in sub-zero
temperatures (I live in MN) for the sole purpose of doing something that,
in the end, would kill me.

Great parade, Obob!

Ruth (13 fabulous months smoke-free) Image

improud (golder)
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11 Feb 2003, 01:10 #19

Image I choose NONE Image for all of the above reasons Why because I can Image Cathy Golder
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11 Feb 2003, 02:54 #20

I chose none almost ten months ago because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time. I don't ever want to go back there, so I'm continuing to choose none.