January 1st, 2010, 10:50 pm #21

From above:

I see we have some people stopping on by who have not been around for a while because it is just after New Years or because they are celebrating anniversaries because they had New Year based quits.

I think sometimes people seem to feel awkward about posting because they have not posted in a while. There is no need for anyone to feel awkward about posting out of the blue even if they had not posted in months or even years. As it says above:

We know not everyone has time to stop by and write everyday. Some people don't have time to write every week or even every month. But do try to find the time to stop by and read every once in a while. Taking a few minutes to read can help to secure your quit. Securing your quit can help to buy you years and maybe even decades of extra time of a healthier and higher quality life. Make a point of stopping by every now and then to to read and strengthen your commitment and resolve to never take another puff!