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David Gold
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21 Nov 2002, 13:06 #11

Great post Dave. It's such a simple concept that I never seen it and it was right there all along. Just don't smoke. How simple is that? I tried every other way except the way I thought would be to hard. This is the easiest way by far. Anything can help you quit for a few days but it's the mental fight that begins after a few weeks that they don't have an answer for. Thanks for the perspective.

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21 Nov 2002, 14:36 #12

No Magic?? Ok.....who is NO FUN. Dave you would probably write a "How Harry Houdini did it" book, or, or.........yell out the secret right in the middle of a David Copperfield show....all kidding aside...
Truth be told, of course you are SOOOO right.
I'm even a pharmacist and I can attest to the fact how badly folks want an easy and quick fix.
You should see the look on their face that to lose weight, if I were to suggest THEY EXERCISE.........WHAT?!! NO PILL?????
Or how bout to lower cholesterol, perhaps try MODIFYING YOUR DIET (EAT LESS FAT :) you would think I was a stand-up comedian....."ha- ha - seriously....ya got a pill dont cha???"
It is almost ludicrous in the year 2002 to suggest COLD TURKEY smoking cessation........but I try to offer a little education when the oppertunity presents itself.
Sadly all too often I simply feel ill equipped to battle the input from our society regarding the "quick-fix" mentality.
Many days I just could myself as one of the lucky ones and go on my merry way.
Sincerely, Mike : )
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janetd (GOLD)
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21 Nov 2002, 14:45 #13

Relative to the Great American Smokeout, I read an advertisement today, indicating that our chances of quitting cold turkey were next to none. The advertiser was a drug store and the products were nicotine patches and gum.

For many of us, quitting Cold Turkey is the best and only way!

Regards, Janet

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21 Nov 2002, 14:53 #14

 Gosh., Ive never had one of thoes cigarette dreams like everyone talks about,what causes it. ? I sure hope I never experance one.. now since I thought about it ill probably have one tonight, your friend Billie(tellmeemore) 2 mo 5 days 2 hrs 41 min 58 sec. felling kind of silly tonight ,dont know why unless its because I know ill never smoke again,
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I started to reply to a post on the board this morning from a member in a crisis when I thought something sounded familiar about what I was trying to say. Went back and found this.

It's not that I'm lazy, it's just that I have a hard time coming up with anything new to say.

Well, maybe I'm a little lazy.


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Hi hillbilly
You might have brought up an old post of your,s,the post may be old but the inspiration is as relevant and golden to day as it was back then.
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I quit so recently - I'm not even sure how to tally up the days! Do I count from the moment of that last cigarette or just starting with the first day when I didn't smoke at all? At this point - I'm not even looking at an entire day at once, just taking each moment as it comes. Somehow, my sense of time seems a bit distorted, but not in an entirely bad way. The cravings often feel longer than they really are - a few minutes can seem like a glimpse of eternity, but then it's gone in a heartbeat. I've been nicotine free for almost a week and counting! The "one day at a time" days are adding up quickly. There's no magic - but the more experienced quitters seem willing to share more than a few good tricks to keep the addicted mind at bay until it's completely free...

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19 Feb 2004, 07:08 #19

We have a lot of seven week quitters and that's a tough stretch in the process, too. The feeling that the pain of quitting should already be over is very common, and the temptation to chuck it all is very real.

I'm here to tell you that even seven weeks is not not what it feels like to be comfortable. Sure, it's better than seven days, but trust me, even better days are coming.

You're almost there, don't give up yet. Just one day at a time of not receiving nicotine into your body.


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Thanks Hillbilly,

I am at 7 weeks not feeling very comfortable at all. I believe in all you golden oldies though. I believe that one day I will be FREE!

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