Nicotine vs. Heroin

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Hi Farnk and Welcome To Freedom.

Thank you for sharing.

Whether it's nicotine, herion, alcohol, etc . . . and addiction is an addiction.

I think maybe dealing with a past addiction and recovering has made it a bit easier to learn this quiting smoking thing. We already know the law of addiction.

Glad you here.

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Hi Farnk, and welcome to Freedom!

Thank you for one of the most thoughtful and sobering first posts here in a long while. It really brought home for me the seriousness of this fight, and the magnitude of this addiction.

Anyways...if you've been reading, then thats the first step to getting beyond those 4 day "show" quits. And by my calculation, you are now a
Glory Week Gradutate!!!
Yep....we do that kind of stuff here, too. It marks the boundary between physical and psychological of the things that makes nicotine tough as a drug of addiction.
Yell for help if you need us...we'll be here. Meanwhile, read, compadre, read!
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Angle might still be a tad off ...
Image M

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Welcome to Freedom Farnk. I am glad you're here.

That was one heck of a first post. I must admit that I never thought of cigarettes as addicting but I was wrong as I could be.

Thanks for being here.

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Toast! I'm so surprised! Image You did an excellent job on the graphic! Thank You.

I think one of the biggest shames in this world is the availability of addicting materials, legal and illegal. Illegal are harder to do because they are harder to acquire. Legal drugs (e.g., cigarettes, alcohol, etc) can be picked up almost anywhere at any time. You can buy in a quantity that suits your needs (a cold mug, a six pack, a shot, a pack or a carton...) and come back at anytime for more without risk. Trying to buy a bag of dope on the street is much, much harder and far more risky.

If only I knew then what I knew now, I'd never have started smoking. My father never discouraged it. It was 'cool' for his son to be smoking with him. Even after his first (of many) heart attack, he continued to smoke. It finally killed him at age 50... too young. Heart disease. I was 21. And my mother died of lung cancer at 56 (I was 29). Non-smoke related type of cancer, but to see her deteriorate over 6 months... strokes from chemotherapy, etc, until she more or less shrivelled up to nothing and died. I don't want that happening to me. And I don't want to cause it on my wife & children. Image
I have chosen not to smoke for 1 Week 15 Hours 5 Minutes 50 Seconds.

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Big Big Big Big WELCOME Frank !!!!! I would like to write more when I get time but I gotta run to work.

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Image Thanks Melissa ; ) I can't even remember where I found that original image back in 1999 but do recall doing a bit of cropping work and transforming it into black and white before sticking in the packs and trying to make the needle look like a cigarette. From what Frank says about the angle, I guess the original shot was stagged too : )) In a way that makes me feel better.

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Hi Frank,

I know I'm a couple months late in welcoming you to Freedom--I just read your very powerful first post. Congratulations on becoming Double Green--you are very close to Bronze!

Just wanted to say that you can achieve comfort Frank. Yes, it can be a struggle but it is very worth it. Your determination will make all the difference.

I printed out a sign that says "One is too many; a thousand is not enough" and put it by my computer. A very apt statement in this forum.

Welcome again Frank. It's great to have you here!

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