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Possible Hidden Health Conditions - Each puff of smoke contained more than 4,000 chemicals, while spit tobacco delivered up to 3,000. One or more of these chemicals may have been masking an underlying hidden health problem such as a thyroid condition (iodine) or breathing problems in smokers, including asthma (bronchiodialiators). Tobacco chemicals may also have been interacting with medications you were already taking and an adjustment may be necessary. Stay alert and get seen if at all concerned.

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Subconscious Trigger Extinguishment - As mentioned, we conditioned our subconscious mind to expect nicotine replenishment when encountering certain locations, times, events, people or emotions. Be prepared for each such cue to trigger a brief crave episode as the subconscious mind sounds the body's fight or flight survival alarm. Remember, it is impossible for any trigger to cause relapse so long as nicotine does not enter the bloodstream. Take heart, most triggers are reconditioned and extinguished by a single encounter during which the subconscious mind fails to receive the expected result - nicotine. See each crave episode as an opportunity to receive a reward, the return of yet another aspect of life.

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Caffeine/Nicotine Interaction - Amazingly, nicotine somehow doubles the rate by which the body depletes caffeine. The caffeine user's blood-caffeine level will double to 203% of normal baseline if no intake reduction is made when quitting. This interaction is not a problem for any caffeine user who can handle a doubling of their of normal caffeine intake without experiencing symptoms. But consider a modest caffeine intake reduction, of up to one-half, if troubled by additional anxieties, difficulty relaxing or trouble getting to sleep.

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Understanding the Big Crave - The "average" quitter will be experiencing just 1.4 crave episodes per day within ten days. After that you may soon begin to experience entire days without encountering a single un-reconditioned subconscious nicotine feeding trigger. If a later crave episode ever feels more intense, it is likely that it has been some time since your last significant challenge and you've dropped your guard and defenses a bit. It can feel as though you have been sucker-punched. If one does occur, see the distance between challenges as the wonderful sign of healing the incident reflects.

Crave Coping Techniques - One crave coping method is to practice slow deep breathing while briefly clearing your mind of all needless chatter by focusing on your favorite person, place or thing. Another popular three minute coping exercise is to say your ABCs while associating each letter with your favorite food, person or place. For example, the letter "A" is for grandmother?s hot apple pie. "B" is for warm buttered biscuits. You may never reach the challenging letter "Q."

Embracing Craves - Another coping technique is to mentally reach out and embrace your craves. A crave cannot cut you, burn you, kill you, or make you bleed. Try to be brave just once. In your mind, wrap your arms around the crave's anxiety energy and then sense as it slowly fizzles while within your embrace. Yes, another trigger bites the dust and victory is once again yours, as you reclaim yet another aspect of life!

Confront Your Crave Triggers - Within two weeks, you should begin to realize that everything you once did while nicotine's slave can again be comfortably done without it, and often better. Meet, greet and defeat your triggers. Don't hide from them. You need not give up anything during recovery except nicotine.

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Using Twitter to reach smokers
Although new to myself, I'm finding that it has excellent potential for connecting with smokers trying to quit. Search Twitter for "quit smoking" or "stop smoking." If you include either phrase in your 140 character Twitter post, it will show up in the search of others looking for help on the same topic.

You can communicate with individual posts by simply typing the @ symbol in front of their posting name, for example @JohnGoldx10 followed by your message.

Here are some Twitter tweets that I've put together which you are free to use. But be careful using too many standard Tweets too quickly as Twitter might interpret that as spamming. Together we can make a difference!

Breathe deep, hug hard, live long

John (Gold x10)

Quit Smoking Tip: Winners treat nicotine dependency recovery as true chemical addiction, not a habit! -
Quit Smoking Tip: Smoking nicotine is highly addictive. When looking in the mirror see a "real" drug addict. There is only one rule - none!
Quit Smoking Tip: Nicotine desensitizes and upregulates dopamine pathway receptors. Ending use restores sensitivities!
Quit Smoking Tip: Our dopamine high was alert, not drunk or numb but nicotine dependency is as real as alcoholism, heroin or meth addiction.
Quit Smoking Tip: Drug addiction is about living a lie. Smoking nicotine does not define who you are, give you your edge or help you cope!
Quit Smoking Tip: Drug addiction is about living a lie. Everything we did hooked can be done better free.
Quit Smoking Tip: Why do half of smokers lose 13 yrs of life? They treat true addiction as if a habit.
Quit Smoking Tip: You are not fighting a whole pack or even a whole cigarette but just that first puff that spells relapse.
Quit Smoking Tip: Recovery and coming home can be the most beautiful period of our entire life. Embrace it !!
Quit Smoking: While nearly impossible to believe the first few days, coming home is the best gift you have ever allowed yourself!
Quit Smoking Tip: The next few minutes are all that matter and each will be entirely doable. Yes you can!
Quit Smoking Tip: Forget about quitting "forever," the biggest bite imaginable. Take it just one day at a time.
Quit Smoking Tip: Pace yourself as recovery is a journey not an event. All that matters are the next few minutes and each is doable!
Quit Smoking Tip: Mind fog? Dont skip meals or expect to add low blood sugar symptoms to withdrawal symptoms.
Quit Smoking Tip: Do not skip meals or expect to add low blood sugar symptoms to withdrawal symptoms.
Quit Smoking Tip: Extra natural fruit juice the first 3 days eliminates nicotine faster and levels blood sugar -
Quit Smoking Tip: Nicotine doubled caffeines elimination rate. If feeling extra anxiety try cutting caffeine intake by 1/2.

Quit Smoking Tip: No one can deny that more smokers stop smoking cold turkey than all other quitting methods combined -
Quit Smoking Tip: Crave episodes are < 3 mins. but time distortion can make it feel > 3 hours. Keep a clock handy -
Quit Smoking Tip: By day 10 the avg. quitter is experiening just 1.4 crave episodes per day, each less than 3 minutes!!
Quit Smoking Tip: Embrace that next crave. Wrap your mind around its energy. Feel it fizzle while within your embrace.
Quit Smoking Tip: Confront your smoking cues, take back life, dont hide from them. But avoid or be extremely careful with early alcohol use!
Quit Smoking Tip: Most smoking cues are extinguished by a single encounter. Crave = reward! Return of a slice of life!
Quit Smoking Tip: Write down your quitting reasons, carry them with you and read them during challenges -
Quit Smoking Tip: Calm your deep inner primitive mind as it controls our panic (fight or flight ) response.
Quit Smoking Tip: Avoid crutches. A crutch is anything leaned upon so heavily that if removed would result in loss of support and relapse.
Quit Smoking Tip: It is dangerous to lean upon another new quitter as our quitting buddy. Pick a long-term ex-user or never-user instead!
Quit Smoking Tip: It is normal to navigate 5 emotional phases: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.
Quit Smoking: While it may feel like an emotional train wreck the first 3 days the worst is soon over. Just one hour and day at a time!
Quit Smoking Tip: Dont be afraid of coming home, its beautiful! Living here on Easy Street is great! Just one rule ... no nicotine today!
Stop Smoking Tip: Why fear coming home and going entire days without once wanting to smoke? It is heaven!
Stop Smoking Tip: What is your biggest quitting fear? I bet it is on this list -
Quit Smoking Tip: Explore "Freedom from Nicotine," the Nets most focused nicotine dependency recovery forum -
Quit Smoking Tip: Joel Spitzers free quitting book "Never Take Another Puff" has been downloaded 2.2 million times. Why? -
Quit Smoking Tip: Watch Joel Spitzers 64 free video stop smoking lessons at - no pop ups, no ads, and no donations accepted
Quit Smoking Tip: Throw away all nicotine products. A new study shows keeping cigs increases crave intensity -
Quit Smoking Tip: I may want to build a skyscraper but if I dont know how it can prove rather challenging. Knowledge=power!
Quit Smoking Tip: Fighting in ignorance and darkness is like trying to land a plane without putting the wheels down.
Quit Smoking Tip: What learning takes place by wearing patches or swallowing pills? Knowledge is power!
Quit Smoking Tip: Its impossible to fail so long as zero nicotine enters the bloodstream. Only one rule, no nicotine today!
Quit Smoking Tip: Studies show that just one puff of nicotine all but guarantees relapse, as the brain is soon begging for more.
Quit Smoking Tip: The wind beneath our wings is dreams and desires not strength or willpower. Keep them alive.
Quit Smoking Tip: Bryan was 33, Noni 32 and Deb 38 when bad news arrived. Each started smoking as teens. Read their story -
Want to quit smoking for New Years? It isn't too late! Explore where knowledge becomes power!
Quit Smoking Tip: Master all 4 layers of healing/recovery: physical, psychological, emotional and conscious. Embrace each!
Quit Smoking Tip: Do this for "you" not others or you'll foster a sense of destructive self deprivation -
Quit Smoking Tip: Two new studies show that unplanned quitting attempts are twice as successful. Jump in the pool -
Quit Smoking Tip: Nicotine leaves the body at a rate of 1/2 every 2 hrs. Within 72 hrs you will be nicotine-free!
Quit Smoking Tip: Withdrawal peaks in intensity within 72 hrs and then begins to decline. Patience. Yes you can!
Quit Smoking Tip: We didnt smoke because we liked smoking but because we did not like what happened when we didnt smoke.
Quit Smoking Tip: Smoking does not relieve stress. Nicotine is an alkaloid and stress an acid event inside body fluids. We had to smoke.
Quit Smoking Tip: Did you smoke for flavor or taste? There are zero tastebuds inside our lungs, the place we sucked smoke.
Quit Smoking Tip: Think smokes are your pal? Read "My Cigarette, My Friend"
Quit Smoking Tip: Did you smoke less than other smokers? Being a little bit addicted is like being a little bit pregnant.
Quit Smoking Tip: Were you a closet smoker? If so, this is an excellent article:
Quit Smoking Tip: Just one puff and 50% of brain nicotinic receptors will be occupied by nicotine within 10 seconds. Only one rule - none!
Quit Smoking Tip: Alcohol is involved in 50% of smoking relapses. Use EXTREME caution with early drinking -
Quit Smoking Tip: Studies show that just one puff of nicotine all but guarantees relapse, as the brain is soon begging for more.
Quit Smoking Tip: There is no legitimate excuse for relapse, none! Picture successfully navigating the most horrific loss imagineable!
Quit Smoking Tip: Conscious thought fixation is the longest yet least intense recovery layer. Navigate it with truth!
Quit Smoking Tip: Explore "Freedom from Nicotine," the Nets most focused nicotine dependency recovery forum -
Why Quit Smoking? Visit if losing hope or thinking about throwing in the towel. Meet Bryan, Noni, Kim, Deb
Why Quit Smoking? This link is to Bryans story, dead at age 34
Why Quit Smoking? Noni was 33. Imagine being dead 6 months before your childs 1st birthday -
Why Quit Smoking? Deb, age 38, gives a detailed account of death by lung cancer -
Why Quit Smoking? Kim 44 joined our support group after being diagnosed with lung cancer - was built for New Year's quitters: free support, tips, two e-books & video counseling
Quit Smoking Tip: At Pfizer attempts to discourage New Years cold turkey quitters. Why? $$$$$$$$

Quit Smoking Tip: Pfizer cannot admit the truth, that more smokers quit cold turkey than all other methods combined. Why? $$$
Quit Smoking Tip: Pfizer cannot admit the truth, that its Chantix studies were not blind, and are not rooted in science.


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Just an FYI.  Link to John's book in this article is broken.