New video on nicotine addiction

New video on nicotine addiction

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Nicotine Addiction

Video discusses how nicotine addiction takes a toll on all users, even if they are lucky enough to never go on to develop any major medical problems associated with its use.

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Hello Joel,

Perfect timing! As always an educational and motivational video.  I believe this new video has addressed the nicotine drug delivery problem that has reached a frightening reality even with my personal acquaintances.

I have seen two people around me using the newer nicotine delivery system. These two people use it because they are smokers, one using it to quit the cigarette smoking but still addicted to the nicotine and one using it to "cut down" ... but as far as I can see the second one is using it to "smoke " more (because this product is not banned from bars and restauarants around here) so they use in restaurants. After dinner one night with a group of friends I was offered to  try a puff of one of these devices.  I explained that I have not "quit smoking", I have stopped using the drug nicotine and that I am a happy ex-smoker and I will not put any nicotine into my body because I am a nicotine addict, and do not want to ever again be a slave to a drug, no matter what the delivery system. I also shared that I would never spend another penny on the drug nicotine and that I have saved over $1,500 dollars over the last 3 months and 2+ weeks. I know the one who wanted me to try the "no smoke" cig was impressed, I do believe they wish they were me.

Young people who have never smoked cigarettes and those who quit smoking and use this new product are still ending up on the road of dependency, addicted and feeling unable to stop using the product ... they cannot stop using because then they will feel bad, and then they will want to stop and feel bad again because they cannot stop. Joel, you are right, it will start costing them more and nicotine is unhealthy for the arteries, brain and causes cancer in many other organs.

Thank you Joel.

PS I did tell everyone that I quit cold turkey and that I did it by getting educated at a website called and to check it out if they were interested. If they read this post they will be either mad at me for my comments or forever thankful for my honesty. In either case my intentions are good and when the time is right hopefully I will have set a good example to follow.
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