New Perspectives at 6 months

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ImageWow! I have never read this thread before. A very belated but very sincere thank you to our OBob. And thank you to Lynn for suggesting it in another thread today. What a beautifully written set of observations. Spot on.

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Great post Bob ! Feels good to read that stuff ...

Never, ever taking another puff!


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I remember planning to respond to this thread a few days before the Fourth of July, as kind of an anniversary thing. See, this was the last major challenge I had on my way to total comfort. Funny thing was that, despite ending up at the exact same bar, with the exact same smokiness on the 4th, I totally forgot not only to think about smoking, but to even remember that it had even been an issue 2 years prior.

Anyhow, I noticed that a couple of people were having some tests at around 6 months, and thought I'd pop this up to see if they could relate.

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Just found another little treasure from OBob, particularly special today, for this year's crop of silver quitters.

OBob, how was the bar this year??? Image

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I am not a silver quitter YET! But I am determined to never take another puff.
This is such a great post.
I have quit nicotine for over 4 months now and life just gets better.
But O Bob's post reminds me that I have experienced triggers and temptation socially of late. I have found myself wishfully imagining I could take just one nicotine device, (or maybe a packet) just one night of **** bent smoking - those most enjoyable cigarettes, the ones that lit up an idea or anchored a shared experience. Ah the romance my dears, the romance...
I am so grateful to this site and the education I get about addiction. I love learning how life is like without a hijacked brain!
I have learnt that I can re-wire my brain with every new trigger to nicotine consumption defeated to be calmer, to be free...

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