New Perspectives at 6 months

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OBob.......... Your post has kind of upset me a little bit.............hard to explain but i guess i kind of think of you as 'perfect' and 'healed' and 'over it'...........You post all the time and are always there for us and I see you as a role model....(kind of like "one day i will be just like Bob (and Kim and John and Grumpy etc etc...)" Image It is a reality check I guess about the nature of addiction and how we will never be safe. Image I just don't like to think of you struggling AT ALL after all this time. I am going to put some hugs in a jar and some love and some admiration and post it to you on behalf of all the newbies..........Next time a trigger hits you just open that jar and know see all the broken hearts you will have around you if you even DARE take a puff!!!! lol. A good lesson for all of us, thankyou for sharing......... Love Angelina FILTH FREE 1M1D....................  
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Just want to make sure and differentiate between a "challenge" and a "struggle". There have been some challenging triggers, but I wouldn't characterize them as "struggles". Don't have much time.... middle of a bbq.... but I think it's an important distinction.

Challenges will always be there for the addict. But whether or not it becomes a struggle is, again, a matter of attitude.

Happy 4th!

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Oh Oh OBob,

For once in my life I was going to be early for a party ImageImageImageand if you don't have one soon I'm going to have to start without you...

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What a wonderful, thought provoking post. So happy to be aboard the SILVER LINER with you. NTAP!!!

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Thank you for taking the time to write that very eloquent message. I just quit smoking 5 days ago and I need articulate and experienced people like you to prepare me for what lies ahead. I appreciate it.

Lisa, 5 days of no nico!

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OBob: Killer's important to know the truth about what a 6 months quit is really like. Honesty is important here as it is in all things and I'm sure Angelina realizes that you were trying to emphasize how you beat the triggers as opposed to how difficult the triggers were. Also that from the perspective of a 6 months quitter that they were way easier then for the newbie as well. I want to say too that I enjoy all your posts even if I can't get around and reply to all of them. But mark my words, I've printed off tons of stuff from this site for offline inspiration whenever I need it and rest assured alot of your inspirational words are included in the printing!

Thanks again for a radical post !

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Thanks for the great post. I really enjoy reading your posts. They always seem so very well thought out. I think I missed your silver party? If so, congrats!

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To attitude...Image

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Thanks Bob - I needed this
For a while today I felt like I could barely handle the craves and I live out in the country with no smokers around and > 10 min drive from the nearest store. So it is nice to know that eventually, even facing the temptation of an old smoking buddy is not that bad. Yes yes I'm a newbie doing the one day at a time thing but I can have the odd dream of being silver eh?
Take care
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Well played Gord. Just know, One Day at a Time is for Everyone. Sure, it gets a lot easier, but ODAT is something that we can all, no matter how long it's been, fall back on. None of us ever has to worry about making it further than bed time. ****, that's not so bad.


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