Never Take Another Puff

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I live everyday with NTAP resounding in my head. The third day of my quit, during one of many sleepless nights, I kept repeating those letters all night. Reminding myself... "DON'T DO IT!"
I started smoking after a 13 year quit just because I was not educated in the role addiction plays on your brain. The difference now is that I am informed and know full well I can never take another puff. The last time, I quit I found comfort in knowing I could easily take a puff if the withdrawals became too bad. Now, I know to take a single puff will be the beginning of the end. I never want to go through this again. I love not allowing cigarettes control of my life.

My mother has stopped smoking for 30 years and she claims that there are times when she too still battles withdrawals. She said once in a great while when she smells a cigarette she thinks how nice it would be to smoke ~ just one. She is wise enough to know that she can NTAP.

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Simple! Simple! Simple!
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You may be tired, you may be hungry, you may be happy, you may be ill, you may be sad, you may be angry. Live it all free by never taking another puff!

The key to remaining free and healing: Never Take Another Puff. Words to live by!


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Amen to that,

I am quitting proof to the one puff can lead, will lead, may lead back to the previous level of consumption.

I am quitting proof of the the one puff file...

I lost a 2year 8 month pause in Oct 2003 thanks to lack of education, and one puff.

RJW...after 32yrs feeding, free at last 1 mo 7 day 2 hr 55 min 5 days life saved, 1485 not smoked, $334 saved

Never take another puff, not one puff ever......I'm thinking of getting it tattooed on my eye lids

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"The real danger is the reinforcement of the nicotine addiction. It is a powerful addiction."
Excerpt from Joel's original letter above.
What if there was no nicotine in cigarettes? JoeJ Free - became an ex-smoker when I became clean of nicotine 3 years 3 months 18 days ago.
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Joel wrote: 

There are three possible outcomes: 1. The person takes a puff and quickly goes back to smoking
2. The person takes a puff and goes through a withdrawal cycle
3. The person takes a puff and nothing happens.
Again, as pointed out above, the third option is in many ways the most dangerous of the outcomes. It sets up a precedent of belief that may in fact result in the person going through lots of quits and lots of failures.
I am glad you point this out. During my previous 17 year quit, there were two separate occasions when I smoked part of a cigarette and it was no big deal. I had no desire to smoke another one, so yes, I thought I could do that from time to time.Years later, the third time I puffed on a cigarette, I became addicted again for the next 17 years.

Anyone who said "One puff and you will be hooked again", wouldn't have credibility with me. (This does seem at odds with the Law of Addiction perhaps). I really wish someone had told me how risky it was to ever take another puff even though I had done it before without getting hooked again.

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