Neither side is perfect!

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Neither side is perfect!

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There are times when you are an ex-smoker when you will find yourself thinking of how nice it would be to have a cigarette. There are times when you were a smoker when you would find yourself wanting to quit. It is likely that the longer you go without smoking there will be fewer frequency of these times and the duration of these thoughts will usually become shorter when they do occur.

The same concept doesn't normally hold true for the alternative side. The longer you smoke and the more you recognize about the dangers of smoking and the more restrictive the society becomes around you regarding smoking--the more frequently you would find yourself wishing that you would quit.

So again, neither side is perfect but the ex-smoking side gets better and better while the problems you face as a continuing smoker would get progressively worse over time. Not to mention that your health would be continually negatively impacted by the interim smoking and eventually smoking could rob you of your life. Neither side is perfect but the ex-smoking side is far preferable and you can keep that side as long as you simply stick to your commitment to never take another puff!


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A-M-E-N !
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The non-smoking side smells better, tastes better, doesn't cough as much, has more friends, lives longer, and is far less expensive than the smoking side.

It may not be perfect but you can see it from there...

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Once again Joel comes up with something that is profound and simple at the same time!

Some of the posts I have been reading recently reminded me of Kim's saying, which has been quoted here many times--"I would rather suffer from withdrawal for a few days than suffer from cancer!" Never read her story? Here it is:

Thanks again to all who give so selfishly of themselves to this board. Always remember to never take another puff, one day at a time!

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This side of the fence is definitely better and reminds of the qoute,i would rather be an ex smoker who occasionally thinks about smoking than an active addict who often thinks about quitting.
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Absolutely, positively true. I just recently had a blood test for cholesterol. Mine has been particularly high in recent years. My LDL (bad one) has gone down 38 points from last year and my HDL (good one) has gone up 6 points from last year. I would rather be a quitter (as it relates to smoking) than a loser (as it relates to my health).

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ImageThanks Joel for bringing this forward as many of us younger quitters like to think 'we're there' but we're not. This topic popped a strong visual just now. I remember oh so many times standing in my garage at my 'smokebench' when my wife would pop her head out the door, scowl at me and say "When are you gonna quit smoking those things?" My reply on a good day was "I wish I knew, I want to". My replies on not so good days are not printable in a family forum Image. I distinctly remember thinking 'I really want to quit but I just don't know how I'm gonna ever do it'! So when I found WhyQuit and Freedom From Tobacco Quit Smoking Now and discovered the secret key - disconnect the addiction and freedom can take hold - it was like you all pulled me aside and said 'Here, use the key and come thru the Freedom Door'. On January 10th I opened the door I'd been looking to find for a very long time and walked thru. Freedom From Tobacco - Quit Smoking Now let me peek through that door and see a land of new beauty almost beyond belief. The only logical choice was to run thru before my secret key vanished and the door again became hidden behind a protective cover of addictive rationalizations.
Neither side is perfect, but this side of the bars holds hope and life, the inside of the cell is fraught with despair and death. Let's all hope that many more tobacco addicts find the key and unlock their own 'hidden door', cause when they do this wonderful supportive group will no doubt help pull them thru and show then how to walk the path to FREEDOM.

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I noted a comment made today that "universal statements that everyone who's ever had a junkie mind can relate to once they've beat the addiction on some level."

We NEVER beat our addiction to nicotine. We learn to live with and manage our addiction to nicotine in the case of this forum. We carry it with us ALWAYS. Once free of the addictive substance it becomes or our constant choice to Never Take Another Puff, no matter what, that keeps us on the Free side of the bars of Nicotine Addiction Prison.

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Here's the door, Never Take Another Puff,
Freedom from nicotine is yours for the taking.
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