My Visit to the Lung Doctor

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Thank you for this post Mrs. Grumpy. My Gram is one of those peaple stuck on oxygen. I saw her in Jan and I couldnt believe how grey and frail she looked it made me want to cry. I cant let my children ever see me like that so I will Never Take Another puff.

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My appointment is on the 14th, I'm scared, I hope my news is as good as Linda's was. I'm trying not to "borrow trouble" but even with the pumps I am still having trouble. I can't sleep lying flat without beginning to cough. I know it is the bronchitis as I have had that in the past, but even so, it could also be more. Well, at least now I am doing what I can. I stopped smoking. Whatever my condition, not smoking anymore will give me the best quality of life I can achieve at this point.

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Stopping all use of tobacco can cause certain symptoms / conditions to resurface that were previously being suppressed by the chemicals in the tobacco. Best to see your doctor if the symptoms persist.