Living Without........OR

Retraining the conscious mind

Living Without........OR

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Seems there are two basic questions when it comes to the approaches people have regarding quitting smoking and getting clean of nicotine. 

Are you quitting?  
Do you think you are in the process of quitting & still getting by without?


Are you already quit and already beginning to live as you were always meant to live by staying clean of nicotine? 

From the moment we declare 'NO More!' we are free. 
Quitting happens at a point in time. 
Recovery brings us back to again comfortably Living Free.

So, I ask you.........Are you living without........or are you Living Free?

Begin Today to Work your way through RECOVERY which will bring you back to how you were always meant to be - 

100% clean of nicotine and free to, tomorrow, always.

Live Free by choosing to Not Take Another matter what.....for the rest of today.

Simply put, it's a far better way to truly live.

   One day at a time

"I am not going to smoke today!"

Never Take Another Puff

Joe J free since the day I decided to take back control of me by choosing to NTAP.
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So, I ask you.................Are you living without........or are you Living Free?

Becoming an ex-smoker

Joe J free for 68 months tomorrow and confident I will not take another puff for the rest of today

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I think this is a very positive outlook!  I have been nicotine free for 5 weeks and it is odd to think of myself as a non-smoker but my body was never meant to be dependent on nicotine. It was born pure and nicotine-free so really what I am coming back to is me.... the way I am meant to be...I am NOT depriving myself of anything except poison.   so for today I will live free of toxic nicotine and NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF.

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I think this is the only way to see things when dealing with nicotine addiction and recovery.  It's so true!  Actually by smoking or using nicotine we were depriving ourselves of something!.... Ourselves... the real true "us"!

We might be better to look at it as celebrating a gain of Freedom... instead of the junkie talk that we are mourning a loss!

Thanks Joe J Free!  Your posts really help keep me going!  I just really appreciate  your posts!   


I have free for 2 Weeks, 1 Day, 10 hours, 10 minutes and 2 seconds (15 days). I have saved $164.90 by not smoking 539 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 20 hours and 55 minutes of my life.