Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring

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If you're into Southern Gospel Music, there's a song by the Gaither Vocal Band called "Let Freedom Ring". It was performed at Carnegie Hall right after 9-11, and one line of the song goes something like this: "Let Freedom echo through the lonely streets where prisons have no keys".

Well, it's been three years since I was in prison, and I'm here to tell you that my prison did have a key. And that key was education. I've been around here so long that nearly all of you have heard my story and are likely sick of hearing it, but I quit on my 50th birthday, with no real intention of "making it". Then I found this forum and some Yankee named Spitzer (preaching cold turkey of all things) and some shyster lawyer from back east putting out the same message and the rest is history. I got my education and it took and I haven't had a puff since. To say that my life has changed is a huge understatement and to say thank you to John and Joel and Grumps and Joanne is just not enough.

I've been thinking lately about the various stages we all go through here at Freedom. The first few days/weeks are a tremendous challenge for most of us. It's a day-to-day struggle, sometimes even minute-to-minute. But as we "read and read and read some more" things begin to calm down a little. We absorb a lot of what we read and our education begins to kick in as we defeat trigger after trigger.

Then later, maybe at Bronze or so, we begin to give advice to those newbies behind us. This "teaching stage" is a critical part of the process for many of us, because we help others through those first few days and weeks, we reinforce our own quits and we really get as much out of helping others as they do.

The final stage that most of us go through would probably be considered maintenance. I've been in that stage for a long time now. There are very few days that I don't check in and read at Freedom, but I seldom post. I'm not sure why that is, but a lot of it is I want to let the newer "teachers" take care of dispensing advice, thereby helping both themselves and those they're advising.

At this point in my life, my quit is not on my mind very much. Nicotine, or the lack thereof, plays absolutely no part in the living of my life, either physically, logistically, financially, or emotionally. It's just not a deal any more. Quitting, however, is one of the high points in my life that I am most proud of. I tell you all this to give you hope, you who are at three days or three weeks, or even three months. There is life after quitting and it can be a good life.

Well, as most of you also know, today is also my wedding anniversary. I've been married to the same woman for 29 years. Later I think I'll take her out for a nice dinner again and we'll celebrate three milestones in our lives.

I figure taking her out once a year won't spoil her too much--after all, nothing's too good for the wife of a quitter.


Three years today.
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Dave is GOLD times THREE!
Dave, your posts are legend. My grandma and grandpa (being from the hills of southern Kentucky) would say thar's some mighty fine navel gazin'! Your posts really have given us all a gift that we can (and do) share with each other often. It must be all that hillbilly common sense! Of course, this 3 year anniversary post is no different. Thanks for the inspiration and congratulations on those other milestones, too!
Congratulations, again. That's a huge achievement.
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Congratulations Dave!
Wear this fine medallion out to dinner with your wife. She won't mind. You have been a great gift to Freedom. Thank you. Enjoy your freedom today and everyday you NTAP.
103 days!

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Hi Dave!!!!

And congratulations on
Image ImageImage
glad we got all those new launch pads ready.....
Great to hear from you again..... and I see that quitting hasn't cured that problem you have with the funny accent....
And read carefully new guys, this Southern Gentleman speaks the one word of truth. The hard part is in the beginning. You can do this.
Of course, the fact that we are both in the "maintenance" stage is absolutely no excuse not to celebrate!!!!
(gets out Massachusettsian - to - Geowgia Dictionary, looks up "Rebel Yell".... )

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Way ta go Mr. Hillbilly Dave!Image
I love your post & really take what you say to heart. Image Life does go on after nicotine & your proof~
Congratulations & many more to come!!
Freedom for 161 days

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Hi Dave,

thank you so much for coming out of your semi-retirement today to let us celebrate with you. Your posts have already helped me and so many of us on this journey of ours and will continue to do so ... but you know that already if you are lurking! Image

I'm also wondering if you could have some Yorkshire ancestors ... not spoiling the wife too much ...! Image Don't you know that you can't spoil your wife too much? Image

I am sure that this one will become another one to be added to the "Hillbilly's Classics"! Thank you for yet another inspirational post! Image
Huge triple congratulations on your three reasons to celebrate today and
thank you, thank you, thank you
for leaving us all a
Image !!!

Have a great nicotine free fourth year
and many, many more to come!!!

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Image Image
Nicely Done !!!!

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Image Congratulations on your third year of Freedom Dave!

Nice job on detailing the anatomy of a quit. Saw a post from Kay, last week sometime, about longest failed quits. It made me reflect that I'm way past my own personal best - not sure exactly when this quit became a "sure thing" - not complacent, mind you, but deep down certain that it would last and grow and be even more special as the years roll by, somewhere between that first year and now.

Thanks for being one of shining lights of wisdom here at Freedom,

Lorraine GoldX3 Image

Give that quitter's wife a hug

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A Special Gift of wool gatherin' and yarn spinnin' frum 'the' Hillbilly - Let Freedom Ring
deserves a gift specially made fer a Hillbilly like you Dave. Congratulations on choosing to 'Let Freedom Ring' for 3 Golden Years (and happy birthday even though Freedom doesn't do birthdays and happy anniversary although I'm not sure if those are allowed eitherImage). Image
Thanks for the recommendation, I'd never heard or heard of this song you quote. I have now & all I can say is WOW. My favorite lines were - "Every song we love to sing have Freedom's Theme...Let Freedom Ring wherever minds know what it means for be in chains....You can be Free and you can sing Let Freedom Ring".

joe jFree singin "and I wanna do is, act naturally" for the last 97 days by SIMPLY NTAP!

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Congrats to one of the goldest quitters I "know"--Hillbilly Dave!

Gold x 3...WOW. What an amazing achievement. I'm speechless, really! Your threads have served as such an inspiration in maintaining my own quit. Did you even know what a snowball effect your simple words would have on us?! "Quitting smoking is simple. I didn't say it was easy, I said it was simple." This quote has come out of my mouth/fingertips more often than I can count.

Here's to you and your beautiful, stunning, golden quit. You and your wife enjoy your special day.

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