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Congratulations, Dave! Three years of gold looks heavenly on you! I hope you enjoyed your night out with the wife, and I'm happy to hear that we will be travelling on this road together for the rest of our lives! You are soooo right, Dave, in your comments on how this place has expanded over the years. And don't discount your contributions, dear man! You've had some powerful insights. Funny how we never really thought we could do it, isn't it? Like Lorraine, I've reached that place where there's no going back, no temptation, nothing. Gotta love it!

Congratulations, Dave!

And for you! A big


yqs, Janet :)
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"Let Freedom echo through the lonely streets where prisons have no keys".

Thought I'd share a bit with the new class. More proof "it gets better with time" and that anybody can live free of tobacco.
Bringing back a 'Gold Celebration' post from a Year Ago.
Happy 4th Dave.

Our key to Freedom is Knowledge.
Read, read, read and Let Freedom Ring.

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Sorry for being late, Dave. Rocket procurment is backed up, and the warehouse was nearly out..... at least of the ones that automatically explode. But now we got enough and can celebrate
Three Years!!!!!
And for you new guys, Dave tells the straight scoop. You will get to where he is.... just hang on tight, and NTAP!
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Congratulations Dave,
your posts always hit the spot for me, an inspiration to us all
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Happy Happy GOLD X 4 Dave....and thanks for the inspiration.
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Dave's GoldX4
Congratulations, Dave and thank you for all you have given to this bunch, in your 4 years. Hope you have celebrated in grand style. Never forget what a wonderful gift you have given yourself and never take another puff.
yqs, sue-GoldX3

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Seems a good day to bring back Dave's post about freedom and this quote.....

"Well, it's been three years since I was in prison, and I'm here to tell you that my prison did have a key. And that key was education. I've been around here so long that nearly all of you have heard my story and are likely sick of hearing it, but I quit on my 50th birthday, with no real intention of "making it". Then I found this forum and some Yankee named Spitzer (preaching cold turkey of all things) and some shyster lawyer from back east putting out the same message and the rest is history. I got my education and it took and I haven't had a puff since. To say that my life has changed is a huge understatement and to say thank you to John and Joel and Grumps and Joanne is just not enough......(and this part)........
At this point in my life, my quit is not on my mind very much. Nioctine, or the lack thereof, plays absolutely no part in the living of my life, either physically, logistically, financially, or emotionally. It's just not a deal any more. Quitting, however, is one of the high points in my life that I am most proud of. I tell you all this to give you hope, you who are at three days or three weeks, or even three months. There is life after quitting and it can be a good life." 
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