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18 Apr 2005, 03:51 #11

Congratulations, dear HBD!
Amazing how time is such a great equalizer.
When I began this journey, you were less than two months ahead of me.
But those weeks were unimaginable to me.
You seemed so assured and wise and confident and comfortable.
(Of course, m'dear you are all that and more!)
Never, ever thought I would feel as you did.
Sometimes it's fun to be wrong!
I found comfort and confidence in my freedom just as you did.
Thanks for being an inspiration....and a pal.

Hope the Sainted Mrs. Hillbilly enjoys her evening out! Image

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18 Apr 2005, 08:08 #12

Hillbilly is Gold X3
Congratulations Dave!!! 3 golden years is awesome. You are so much a part of this site. Thank you for all the hillbilly gold you have left behind in your words of wisdom. I have become smarter because of them. I hope you and Mrs. Hillbilly have a wonderful celebration. Hug that quit tight and never take another puff.
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18 Apr 2005, 13:34 #13

Hillbilly Dave, congratulations

I also do not post very often anymore, for the same reasons as you (and I also lost my net passport to MSN for a while). Not smoking has become second nature, I rarely think of smoking, but I often remember the journey.

Great to hear form you


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Hillbilly! Image


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That's an outstanding job Dave. Always good to
hear from you.

Tom, 16 months

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18 Apr 2005, 22:47 #17

Thar's GOLD in them thar hills !!
Three times over, in fact ! It is amazing what a little horse sense will get you- thanks for the guidance.
gordon , over 10 months free

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18 Apr 2005, 22:49 #18

"Dave don't smoke, and he don't chew, and he don't go with girls that do!" (I had to add your tag line for ya)

Aw, Hillbilly! My fellow West Coast Floridian and quit bro. I'm so very proud of you and I look forward to seeing some of your old posts kicked back up by newer members every so often. I figured this was another one, imagine my surprise.

Congrats on 3 years. I'm hot on your heels!

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It is great to here from someone whose posts have become a staple of the Freedom Forum food for education pyramid. Your insights and easy going approach towards your quit have certainly helped to keep me on track.

Congratulations to you.

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19 Apr 2005, 04:40 #20

Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary Dave,