Last Line of Defense (or Trump Card)

Subconscious use cue extinguishment
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OBob, you are truly gifted in being able write your perspectives on these subjects. You really have a way of looking at a situation, taking it apart, and then writing about it so that all can understand and learn. I'm sure that you have helped many, many of us newbies and lurkers. I am actually doing pretty well with this quitting business, in no small part due to posts such as yours. I am spending a lot of time reading, reading, but my husband has so far encouraged me to do so and not complained. I know now that smoking was such a big part of my life, and it will take some time to handle all these darn triggers and be comfortable. For me, the education has been the key. I really feel I can do this this time.

Our daughter is a drug abuse counselor, living and working several states away, and has tried everything to get me to quit cigarettes. I finally told her on the phone just a week ago that I have quit - after more than two weeks. Guess I wanted to believe it myself first. Of course, her first comment was "Why", then "How?" I did give all the credit to WhyQuit. Hope she can use it in her programs and help many more to obtain Freedom!

Thank you so much for your great posts. WOW - 6+ yrs. free! You are a super inspiration!


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From: AmandaMarieChape0 Sent: 7/20/2008 8:13 AM
Thanks Bob...

Man, I've been experiencing some convincing craves. These craves tell me:
"You have plenty of time to quit - you're so young."
"This is your first time back home for almost a should quit after you've gone back west."
"Your sister just got arrested (and she did this morning) - you can smoke a simple cigarette."
"Wouldn't it be wonderful to sit outside a coffee shop and chat with someone over a cup of coffee and a cigarette???"

But, I know that I don't want TO BE A SMOKER. Yes, I want to smoke RIGHT NOW but I don't want to BE A SMOKER. I like what you said about having the trump card and that my addict mind doesn't control my wallet, hands or mouth. That's quite true.

But i am on the verge of relapse...been this way for three days. It was SOOO much easier the last time.


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I feel your pain Amanda, Hang in there. This will be over soon enough.

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Are crave episodes "really" only 3 minutes?

Tell a newbie how many seconds a day you still want a cigarette
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"I'm not going to smoke today!"